Yang Hyun-joon’s summer move to Celtic paves the way… Kim Byung-ji’s meeting with CEO paves way for dramatic reconciliation, breakthrough

The way has been cleared for Gangwon’s Yang Hyun-jun (21) to make a surprise move to Celtic (Scotland) in the summer transfer window. The Gangwon club has taken a positive turn in the summer transfer of Yang Hyun-jun, and has reportedly resolved their differences with Yang’s side regarding the transfer.

According to Gangwon FC on Friday, CEO Kim Byung-ji held a surprise meeting with Yang Hyun-jun at the clubhouse on the afternoon of the same day. Yang Hyun-jun had previously expressed his desire to move to Celtic in the summer after the 20th round of the K League 1 against Incheon on the 2nd, saying, “I want to meet with CEO Kim Byung-ji in person and come to a conclusion.”

Since then, it has been a matter of interest whether Yang Hyun-joon and Kim will be able to meet, and on the 5th, they finally did.

During the meeting, Kim reportedly comforted Yang Hyun-joon with a positive message, saying that he would review the matter of Yang’s departure to Celtic.

The club had been holding out for a winter transfer after the end of the 2023 season, citing the team’s circumstances. Yang’s camp has insisted on a summer move. As a result, the two sides seemed to be at odds.

However, during the one-on-one meeting, the conflict and misunderstandings melted away. It seems that a dramatic breakthrough has been made. The possibility of Yang Hyun-joon’s summer transfer has increased as Gangwon has stepped back from its winter transfer stance and announced that it will conduct a prospective review in accordance with Yang’s wishes. 토토사이트

On the same day, Kim told Yang Hyun-joon, “Let’s forget the past. Let’s create a relationship of mutual respect and trust. Let’s solve the problems we are facing,” and Yang Hyun-joon replied, “Thank you,” and the reconciliation was achieved. Kim then encouraged Yang Hyun-joon to discuss the matter again with the manager and club management to come to a good conclusion, saying, “Don’t worry and do your best as a current Kangwon player.”

In the end, with Kim’s open-minded and inclusive attitude, Yang’s controversial move to Celtic was only a matter of time.

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