Will the K-League 1 box office continue? ’13 team system’ K-League 2 opens on March 1st

While K League 1 (1st division) started off with a box office success, K League 2 (2nd division), which has the most teams ever, is also about to start a new season.

K-League 2 is March 1 Cheonan (Cheonan City FC-Busan IPark), Changwon (Gyeongnam FC-Bucheon FC), Gwangyang (Jeonnam Dragons-FC Anyang), Asan (Chungnam Asan FC-Gimcheon Sangmu), Seongnam (Seongnam) FC-Ansan Greeners) and Mok-dong (Seoul E-Land FC-Chungbuk Cheongju FC).

K-League 2 plans to continue the fever of K-League 1, which opened earlier.

K-League 1 attracted a total of 101,632 spectators in six games on the 25th and 26th, setting the record for the largest number of spectators in the opening round since the introduction of the promotion and relegation system.

With the box office success of K League 1, the Korea Professional Football Federation is expecting the largest number of spectators in total for the opening rounds of K League 1 and 2.

The record for the largest number of spectators in the opening round of K-League 1 and 2 was 134,468 in the 2017 season (K-League 1: 98,353, K-League 2: 36,115). A new record can be achieved by attracting 32,836 players in the K-League 2.

There are several factors that can be expected for the K-League 2 box office this season.

First of all, Cheonan and Cheongju joined together, and Chungcheong area soccer fans were able to gather at the stadium. There are only two teams in Chungcheong-do, Daejeon Hana Citizen and Asan. So far, soccer fans in the region have been thirsty for a new soccer team.

In particular, expectations are rising in Cheonan as a professional soccer team was established 23 years after the Cheonan Ilhwa relocated in 2000.

In addition, fierce competition for rankings is expected this season. The remaining 12 teams are expected to compete for the 2nd to 5th places, which are given the right to participate in the promotion playoffs, while Gimcheon, which is lined with national players, boasts strong power. 안전놀이터

The K-League 2 winning team will be promoted directly to K-League 1, while the second-place team will go to the promotion playoff against the K-League 1 11th-place team.

The 3rd to 5th place teams in K League 2 will play a playoff, and the winner will face off against the 10th place team in K League 1 for promotion and relegation.

Anyang and Bucheon, who advanced to the promotion playoffs last season but failed to be promoted in the end, and Seongnam, who were relegated to the bottom of the K-League 1, are evaluated as top-ranked players.

In addition, Busan, led by manager Park Jin-seop, who has been recognized for their leadership, and Jeonnam, led by manager Lee, are also under the watchful eye of other teams.

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