‘Why did you do that?’ Ronaldo delays his debut… why?

Cristiano Ronaldo’s debut is delayed.

Ronaldo has joined Al Nasr. On the 31st of last month (Korean time), Al-Nasr reported the news of Ronaldo’s joining through the club’s official channel. Al-Nasr, as well as football fans in Saudi Arabia, were delighted at the news that Ronaldo was coming to Saudi Arabia.

The course was not good. Even when participating in the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, Ronaldo, who was a member of Manchester United, terminated his contract with Manchester United under mutual agreement during the World Cup. The interview that was conducted before the World Cup became the source. On a talk show hosted by British celebrity Piers Morgan, Ronaldo did not hesitate to criticize his team, Manchester United, and its current and former managers. Man Utd tried to take legal action, and eventually faced the end of contract termination.

Ronaldo tried to find a new team. What Ronaldo wanted was to move to teams participating in the UEFA Champions League (UCL). However, most European clubs were reluctant to sign Ronaldo. It was the position that there was no reason to recruit Ronaldo, a high-ranking player who had deteriorated more than before and harmed the atmosphere within the team. Most of the teams that called Ronaldo were teams from periphery countries. The final choice for Ronaldo, who wanted to continue his active career, was the Middle East.

Ronaldo, who flew to Saudi Arabia, also recently joined 메이저사이트 the club. Ronaldo said: “I have achieved everything in Europe. Now is the time to take on new challenges in Asia.”

However, Ronaldo’s new challenge is scheduled to start a little late. This is because Ronaldo was suspended while playing for Manchester United. Time goes back to April of last year. The match between Manchester United and Everton, at the time, Man United struggled because the game did not turn out the way they wanted. The players became sensitive, and so did Ronaldo.

The incident happened after the game. On his way to the tunnel, Ronaldo hit the hand of an Everton fan who reached out to him. Ronaldo’s behavior was controversial, and the English Football Association (FA) fined Ronaldo £50,000 (about 76.8 million won) in November last year and suspended him for two games as a discipline.

This punishment will follow. England’s ‘Daily Mail’ explained that according to FIFA rules, discipline from other federations or associations continues even after the transfer. This also applies to Ronaldo.