Which team will take Lee Kang-in? “Atletico-Man United duel in progress”

Where is the team where Lee Kang-in will show off his talent?

On the 21st, the Spanish media ‘Pichahes’ mentioned the recruitment competition, saying, “An interesting confrontation is taking place over Lee Kang-in.”

He added, “Atletico Madrid and Manchester United are in the middle of a duel over Lee Kang-in.”

Lee Kang-in left Valencia and transferred to Mallorca in August 2021. Since then, he has been showing off his strong presence.

While outwitting the opponent, he is in charge of the starting point of the attack with a sharp pass, and is sometimes invigorating through fast speed.

Lee Kang-in is the first Korean player to record double-digit attack points in La Liga this season, playing a vital role in Mallorca.

Lee Kang-in is receiving a lot of attention in the upcoming summer transfer market, showing his infinite potential.

Atletico is showing keen interest in Lee Kang-in. It is said that he can meet the transfer fee that Mallorca demands.

Here, a new destination was recently discussed. it’s man utd It is known that he is interested in recruiting Lee Kang-in and recently made an inquiry to Mallorca. 먹튀검증

From Atletico to Manchester United, the stock price of Lee Kang-in, the next-generation ace of Korea, is on the rise.

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