‘Transfer canceled after saying goodbye’ Kaisedo finally signed a renewal contract

Moises Caicedo, who pushed for a transfer last winter but ended up staying, signed a new contract with his team, Brighton & Hove Albion.

On the 4th (Korean time), Brighton announced the renewal of the Kaisedo contract through the official website. The new contract period is until June 2027, and the club has an option for a one-year extension.

Caicedo, who joined Brighton in the winter of 2021, has established himself as Brighton’s main midfielder since last season. He started to stand out in the second half after going on loan to Belgium in the first half, and his performance continues this season.

As Caicedo showed his potential on the English Premier League (EPL) stage, several clubs began to pay attention. In particular, in the transfer market last winter, league leaders Arsenal and former Brighton coach Graham Porter’s Chelsea, who were aiming to strengthen the midfield, showed active interest.

After Brighton declined the offer midway through the season, unwilling to send a key player, Caicedo began pushing for a move. At the end of the January transfer window, he posted on his Instagram account, “I’m proud to be able to bring Brighton the highest transfer fee ever. This will help the club reinvest and succeed. Brighton fans will always be in my heart. There will be. I hope you understand why I want to take this opportunity.” 이브벳 토토

Even before the transfer was completed, he said goodbye and expressed his eagerness to transfer, but in the end, Kaisedo’s wish did not come true. Brighton maintained a firm attitude by rejecting an offer of £70 million (approximately 109.6 billion won), which exceeded the club’s highest transfer fee revenue ever. Eventually, Arsenal and Chelsea turned to signing Jorginho and Enso Fernandes, respectively.

Brighton have taken several steps to appease Caicedo, whose winter move has been thwarted. He signed a new contract following a leave of absence until the January transfer window deadline. It is known that he promised to raise his salary after earlier rejecting a transfer offer.

Meanwhile, there is no clause in the new contract with a transfer in mind. Reporter Fabrizio Romano, an expert on the European football transfer market, said on his Twitter account, “There is no transfer permission clause or contract termination clause in Caicedo’s new contract with Brighton.”

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