Tottenham missing ‘core midfielder’, expecting a ’02 born’ prospect

Will a promising player born in 2002 save a team in crisis?

Tottenham Hotspur head coach Christian Stellini told Sky Sports on the 19th (Korean time), “I have high expectations for Pape Mata Sar (20) and Oliver Skip (22). I am happy with the recent performance of both players. He will play an important role at Tottenham.”

Recently, Tottenham faced a crisis at the watershed of the season. Rodrigo Bentancur (25), who played a big role as a key midfielder for Tottenham this season, was out of power due to an injury. Bentancur, who collapsed against Leicester City, was sidelined for the rest of the season with a cruciate ligament injury. Head coach Stellini expressed deep regret, saying, “We have to accept the fact that we lost Bentancur.”

A promising player is expected to replace the missing core. Sar started as a skip and central midfielder against AC Milan last time. With his vigorous activity and skillful game management, he received a passing grade despite the team’s defeat. Antonio Conte (53), who directed Tottenham at the time, said, “Skip and Sarr showed satisfactory performance.”

Even in a situation where Pierre Emil Hoivier (27) was absent due to accumulated warnings, it was evaluated that Milan did not lose as much as the midfield fight. 먹튀검증 Former Tottenham midfielder Jermaine Jenas told BT Sports: “Saar played aggressively in midfield. He was satisfied with the decisive tackle, defensive cover, and breakthrough.” Pat Nevin told the ‘BBC’, “Saar caught my eye. The stadium was everywhere. He played his best game in an unexpected opportunity.”

At the watershed of the ranking competition, we have to put our hopes on promising players. Toteminnes is currently in 5th place with 39 points after 23 matches. It is located between 4th place Newcastle United (41 points from 23 games) and 6th place Fulham (38 points from 24 games). Stellini, who will lead Tottenham in the absence of manager Conte, who is recovering from surgery to remove cholecystitis, said: “The two young players were amazing against Milan. He played a great role in the attack, defense, and transition process,” hinting at the possibility of starting Sar or Skip.

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