This is the ‘real’ reason for Conte Harding… “1st Arsenal, 20 points 4th Tottenham”

Antonio Conte has been sacked.

There are several reasons why Conte was sacked before completing his tenure. The crucial thing is to openly criticize the players. And there was also a denial of the club’s philosophy and identity.

In addition, it can be pointed out that it was eliminated in the FA Cup round of 16 against the second division, that it collapsed helplessly in AC Milan and the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL), and that it was confirmed that it was unrelated this season.

This analysis has been widely reported by many media outlets. However, someone who analyzed the reason for Conte’s resignation from a different perspective appeared.

He is Arsenal’s legendary centre-back, Martin Keane. Keean played a total of 13 seasons at Arsenal, playing 477 games. He has won three league titles, three FA Cups and one European Cup.

The decisive reason for the dismissal of manager Conte, analyzed by Keean, was the gap with Arsenal. The two teams are EPL’s biggest rivals. Even if they don’t win the championship, if they rank higher than the opponent team, they are enthusiastic about it. A lower ranking than your opponent is a score that destroys your self-esteem.

How are the two teams performing this season? It is starkly different. Arsenal are top of the league table with 69 points. The gap with second place Manchester City is 8 points. Arsenal are on their way to winning the title for the first time in 19 years. On the other hand, Tottenham is 4th with 49 points. There is a difference of ’20 points’ from Arsenal. The rivalry between the two teams this season has already ended. Tottenham’s pride has already collapsed. 안전놀이터

“I think Arsenal played a part in the sacking of Conte,” Keean told England’s ‘Talk Sports’. We were competing,” he said.

The winner of last season’s fierce battle for fourth place was Tottenham. Arsenal slipped to 5th.

However, Keean insisted on keeping manager Conte until the end of the season. He said, “Coach Conte had to stay until the end of the season. I think everyone at Tottenham should reflect, not just the manager.”

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