The earnest appeal of the Liverpool shield, “It will be difficult, but please sign me”

Virgil van Dijk, the shield of Liverpool, has appealed for a scout.

Liverpool have fallen into a swamp of sluggishness this season. Currently, it has raised the ranking to 6th place, but lowered its head as it fell to the middle and lower ranks.

Liverpool also ranked last in February when the ranking was converted only by points earned in 2023. It is an opposite move that does not match the record of second place in the league last season.

The sluggishness continued on the European stage as well. We met Real Madrid in the round of 16 of the European Football Association (UEFA) Champions League (UCL) and collapsed miserably.

Liverpool lost 2-5 in the first leg and failed to secure a ticket to the quarter-finals after going down 0-1 in the second leg. 스포츠토토

Liverpool’s sluggishness is due to a large power gap. When Sadio Mane left for Bayern Munich, he lost momentum, and Fabinho, James Milner, and Navi Keita were unable to play in the midfield due to injuries and aging.

Power reinforcement is urgently needed. Van Dyke felt the same way.

“Some players leave,” said Van Dijk. Liverpool need quality signings to get back to where they have been for the past five years.”

“I take it for granted, but I know it will be very difficult. However, Liverpool have to work.”

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