The countries that spend the most money on K-games are Qatar and the UAE.

The region that spends the most money on K-games appears to be the Middle East.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Creative Content Agency announced on the 19th that they had published a report titled ‘2022 Survey of Korean Game Users in Overseas Markets’, which summarizes the perceptions and usage of Korean games among users who play Korean games abroad.

East Asia (China, Japan), North America (USA, Canada), Europe (UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain), Southwest Asia (India, Pakistan), Middle East (Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Qatar) and 6,800 Korean game users aged 15 or older living in 5 regions (16 countries). Southwest Asia and the Middle East were selected as new target countries.

According to this survey, the average game usage time for Korean games by country was the longest in India (172.28 minutes) and Egypt (170.07 minutes) during the week. On the weekend, it appeared the longest in Pakistan (237.44 minutes) and the United Arab Emirates (235.35 minutes).

As a result of regional comparison, both weekdays and weekends were highest in Southwest Asia (168 minutes on weekdays / 225 minutes on weekends) and the Middle East (159 minutes on weekdays / 218 minutes on weekends).

The average amount of time spent playing Korean games among 6,800 people surveyed was 146.16 minutes on weekdays and 192.43 minutes on weekends, exceeding the average for Southwest Asia and the Middle East.

Comparing the average monthly cost of using Korean games by country, Qatar ($76.21) and the United Arab Emirates (UAE, $68.98) were the highest. This is a figure that exceeds the average usage cost ($38.51) of all survey subjects.

However, when compared by region, the cost of East Asia ($50.7) was slightly higher than that of the Middle East ($47.9). Conjinwon said, “The Middle East region has higher cost of using games on all platforms than North America or Europe, confirming that the Middle East is an attractive emerging market as a result of the survey.”

As a result of a separate survey on whether game usage time and cost increased during Ramadan in six countries belonging to the Arab culture (Pakistan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, UAE, Qatar), game usage time increased in Egypt (60.0%), The rate of response that the cost of using games increased in Saudi Arabia (55.0%) was the highest.

As a result of the analysis of all countries with Arab culture, 54.1% of the respondents said that the time spent playing games increased, and 56.1% said that the cost of using the game increased.

헤라카지노 The main reasons why foreign game users enjoy K-games are ‘interesting and fun to use’ and ‘there are many people around me who can enjoy it’.

However, barriers still remain to be addressed on a country-by-country basis.

Regarding the inconvenience of using Korean games, Qatar responded that ‘the genre is biased-uniform compared to games in other countries’ (PC online 30.1%, mobile 26.6%).

Regarding the reason why they do not enjoy Korean games, in Egypt, the highest response was ‘It costs too much to purchase items to play games (100.0%)’.

Conjinone said, “Game developers who want to pioneer the Middle East need to establish a strategy for entering the region that suits the characteristics of local users.” ” he said.

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