The bloody Jeonju Castle in the warm spring weather

Although spring was in full swing at the Jeonju World Cup Stadium, I felt that the weather in Jeonju was still ‘winter’.

The match between Jeonbuk Hyundai and Pohang Steelers in the 5th round of Hana 1 Q K League 1 2023, held at Jeonju World Cup Stadium with 12,767 people in warm weather of 24 degrees, despite Jeonbuk Ryu Jae-moon’s opening goal, Pohang Baek Sung-dong and Jeka allowed consecutive runs in the second half. And Jeonbuk accepted the worst record of 3 losses in 5 rounds of the league.

‘Cold Jeonju Castle’ before the game

When I visited the Jeonju World Cup Stadium two hours before the start of the game to cover the game, the atmosphere of Jeonju Castle was a calm atmosphere with a clear spring atmosphere. However, as we approached the stadium, the atmosphere of Jeonju Castle began to give off a strange atmosphere.

A fan mentioned the names of the Jeonbuk coach and CEO and said, “I hope you can go out,” and witnessed a scene where ‘Kim Sang-shik OUT’ and ‘Heo Byung-gil OUT’ were handed out copies of paper. When they entered the stadium, many Jeonbuk fans The scene of preparing a hanging hanging for the stadium was also witnessed. 스포츠토토

Before the start of the game, before the introduction of the players, the movement of the fans began in earnest. When the Pohang team was introduced, some Jeonbuk fans chanted Pohang and coach Kim Ki-dong, and at the timing when the Jeonbuk team was introduced, all Jeonbuk fans did not chant the players and showed a full-fledged ‘cheering boycott’.When there was a position for the athletes, Jeonbuk fans began to raise the hangings they had prepared in earnest, demanding the resignation of coach Kim Sang-sik and CEO Heo Byung-gil. Jeonbuk fans all shouted ‘Get out of Heo Byung-gil’ at the award ceremony for Jeonbuk goalkeeper Jeong Min-gi’s 100th K-League match, and immediately shouted ‘Kim Sang-shik out’ to coach Kim Sang-sik, exploding their dissatisfaction that had accumulated in the past. .

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