“The Barcelona dream is over” Messi on why he chose the U.S. anyway

Lionel Messi thought only of Barcelona until the end.

Messi is a free agent at the end of this season. With a re-signing with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) already out of the question, attention turned to where Messi would head in free agency. The favorites were Barcelona, Messi’s hometown team, and Saudi Arabia’s Al-Hilal, who reportedly offered him a huge contract.

Barcelona, in particular, was seen as a likely destination for Messi, as he had tearfully said he would return to the team when he left two years ago. With recent comments from president Juan Laporta and coach Xavi Hernandez about Messi’s return, as well as reports from local Spanish media suggesting that Barcelona was pursuing the player under the radar, fans were eager to see him in a Barcelona jersey again.

“I sincerely want Messi to return to Barcelona, I’ve already spoken to him, it’s all up to him,” Xavi said. It all depends on him,” he said. Fans were excited to hear what Xavi had to say.

However, against all expectations, Messi chose Inter Miami. European soccer transfer market pundit Fabrizio Romano announced Messi’s departure with his signature “Here We Go,” and around the same time, the British public broadcaster BBC reported the news of Messi’s move to Inter Miami.

Messi himself then confirmed his move to Inter Miami. Speaking to Spanish media, Messi said, “I have decided to leave Europe. I’m not going to Barcelona. I wanted to return to Barcelona, but I didn’t want my future to be decided by other people,” he said, adding that he was not going to Barcelona.

Messi also said he wasn’t going to Saudi Arabia, saying, 토토사이트 If money was an issue, I would have gone there.” In the end, Messi chose neither Spain nor Saudi Arabia, but the United States.

The BBC explained that “Messi wanted to go to Barcelona, but the club was unable to sign him because of the financial fair play (FFP) that will be implemented in Spain’s La Liga next season.” The club was already struggling financially due to mismanagement and could not afford to spend extra money on Messi.

“Messi was ultimately tempted by Inter Miami of the American Major League Soccer (MLS) for a variety of reasons, including lifestyle and a contract with a big brand,” the BBC added. Messi currently owns a home in Miami.” The UK’s Daily Mail also reported that Messi’s wife rejected Saudi Arabia because of the educational environment for their children.

“Messi has finally made his decision,” the British publication said. Messi will now play for the third club of his career. It’s a big blow for Barcelona. With Barcelona’s poor financial position and the need to comply with the FFP, their dream of seeing Messi back at Camp Nou (Barcelona’s home stadium) is over.”

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