Son Heung-min vs Messi, shall we see in Korea… “Promoting Japan-Argentina Evaluation Match”

The Japanese national team promotes an evaluation match against the World Cup winning team, the Argentine national team. If Japan invites the Argentine national team, there is a possibility that they will visit Korea.

Japanese media ‘Sports Hochi’ said on the 7th, “The Japan-Argentina evaluation match is on the rise. According to officials, the Japan Football Association is negotiating behind the scenes with the Argentine national team for an evaluation match in March. And I want an evaluation match.”

In fact, the Japan Football Association seems to be considering a friendly match with the Argentine national team. Although no specific comments have yet been made, Kozo Tajima, president of the Japan Football Association, said, “I want to play against a solid team at the national stadium,” and Executive Director Tsuneyasu Miyamoto also said, “(Argentina and evaluation match) are good opponents from a player’s point of view.”

Japan Football Association Technical Committee Chairman Yasuhiro Sorimachi announced the annual schedule for each level in 2023, saying, “The World Cup in Qatar is over. We must prepare for the next step. We beat Germany and Spain in the World Cup in Qatar, but we must not rest on our laurels. FIFA Rankings Although we have risen to 20th place, we have to temper ourselves with a stronger team. We will try to play against a team with a higher FIFA ranking than Japan.

The Japanese national team confirmed an exhibition game against Colombia in March. It is the opponent for the second evaluation match on March 28th.

If Japan faces the Argentine national team, there is a possibility that they will come to Korea. The Korea Football Association planned four warm-up matches in June to mark the 20th anniversary of the Korea-Japan World Cup, and Argentina was on the list at the time. There was also a report on the confrontation with Korea in Argentina.

Argentina planned to return to Korea after a friendly against Brazil on June 11 in Melbourne, Australia. However, there were evaluation matches in London, England, Italy on June 1st, and Israel on the 6th. Due to the unreasonable schedule of going to and from the continent, Korea and Japan had to play an evaluation match against Brazil.

When inviting world-class teams, there are quite a few cases in which Korea and Japan played alternate matches. Coincidentally, the Korean national team also has an evaluation match against the Colombia national team on March 24th. 안전놀이터

Of course, it is not easy as Argentina won the Qatar World Cup for the first time in 36 years. Uruguay was also mentioned as the opponent for the second evaluation match of the Korean national team. However, if the evaluation match with Argentina is held again in March next year, we can see the ‘god of soccer’ and ‘premier league top scorer’ confrontation.

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