Seo Do-hyeop from FC Abneil, an independent club, joins Daegu…”A team with desperate players”

Midfielder Seo Do-hyup (21) from FC Abneil, a global independent club, joined Daegu FC.

FC Abneil, a global independent section, transferred Seo Do-hyeop to Daegu and developed into a team that succeeded in advancing 55 players to domestic and overseas teams for 4 years.

Seo Do-hyeop, from Busan I-Park Youth, went on a study abroad trip to Spain’s Getafe CF based on his good performance. After going up to Getafe Youth Hubenil A, he continued his career as a player at CA Pinto, but after returning home due to the corona situation, he joined Daegu FC while training at Abneil and aiming to advance to the domestic professional stage.

Seo Do-hyeop is an offensive midfielder with a strong physique, one-on-one breakthrough ability, and skill and power. While training at the independent club Abnil, he developed his lack of stamina and succeeded in advancing to the professional stage by 슬롯사이트 participating in steady practice matches and tests.

Seo Do-hyeop, who had difficulties competing in the game due to Corona, became a rare case of joining an independent club in an overseas league and then challenging and going directly to a citizen club. This is a reflection of the recent trend of young players who want to quickly challenge the pros along with the rapidly growing independent clubs.

Seong-hwan Choi, head coach of Abnil, said, “It was effective that the players seized the opportunity to test by conducting many practice matches with domestic professional teams. I look forward to playing many games with him.”

On the other hand, Abneil, which Seo Do-hyeop was a part of, is the first global independent club in Korea that not only elite players who dream of going pro, but also players who try again on the professional stage after returning from injury, and players who want to advance to the domestic stage from overseas leagues, are training and professional clubs in Korea. It is a club that seeks to advance to domestic and international leagues through practice matches against For four years since 2019, a total of 55 players have been sent to domestic and foreign clubs, and it has grown into the best independent club in Korea in name and reality.

Meanwhile, Abneil, a global independent club, starts a new season in February 2023 with the goal of producing another Seo Do-hyup. New players are currently being announced, and details can be found on Abneil’s official social media accounts.

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