‘Recruitment of Kim Jong-un’ Hana 1Q begins tempering for the next season

Hana 1 Q’s off-season has begun.

Hana One Q was ranked 5th in the league in the 2020-2021 season and 6th in the league in the 2021-2022 season. There were no special reinforcements this off-season, and there were not many people who expected Hana 1 Q to perform well. New manager Kim Do-wan took over, but there was no dramatic rebound. However, as time passed, the team color of Hana 1Q came out and showed a sufficiently powerful appearance at the end of the season.

The start of Hana 1 Q was very uneasy. From the first round, he was shaken by a complete loss. After that, they added 3 consecutive losses. He met and won Cheongju KB ahead of his 9th consecutive loss, but fell into an 8th consecutive loss again. They went 1-17 in their first 18 matches.

However, as time passed, Hana 1Q’s performance improved. There were still few victories, but the performance was definitely improved. Hana 1 Q’s performance improved and 5 more wins were added. In particular, in the 6th round, Hana 1Q won 2 victories by showing hot attack power with sticky movements. As a result, compared to last season, performance as well as performance improved slightly. I had a meaningful enough time.

After the regular season ended, Hana 1Q took a short break and started training again on the 17th. As we gathered at a relatively early stage, we are focusing on physical training. Coach Kim Do-wan of Hana One Q said, “Right now, the players are focusing on building their bodies. It’s been a week since I trained, but the players’ bodies are better than I thought. I am building my body well without any major problems,” he said. “I will build my body by May. After that, we will go back to the basics. We will work together through basic training such as defensive training.” 메이저사이트

A new player joined Hana One Q this offseason. Kim Jong-un (179cm, F), a seasoned veteran in the league, has returned to his parents’ home. Although he has aged compared to his past Hana 1Q days, he is a leader who can do his part both on and off the court.

In response, director Kim also said, “(Kim) Jeong-eun has a lot of skills. Rather than any limited role on the court, I intend to give all I can do,” he explained how to use Kim Jong-un.

Can Hana 1 Q, who maintained a good performance at the end of last season, look to a higher place with Kim Jong-un? This is why this off-season for Hana 1Q is so important. 

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