“Please let me know anytime”… KIA CEO Jun-Young Choi visits Gwangju and Hampyeong baseball stadiums and apologizes to the team

KIA starts the season in the worst mood. In the unprecedented case of the general manager being dismissed for misconduct, the club is trying to set the mood for the team to start a long journey.

The atmosphere at KIA was devastated by Park Dong-won (LG)’s accusation that former general manager Jang Jeong-seok demanded back money during contract negotiations. The story had already spread around the LG team where Park Dong-won currently plays, and the ‘rumor’ had already been passed on to a very small number of KIA players and coaches. Rumors that are hard to believe even if heard have surfaced on the 29th when the KIA club dismissed the general manager, and only heavy silence flows in the KIA squad.

On the 30th, KIA Tigers CEO Choi Joon-young visited Gwangju-Kia Champions Field, where the 1st team trains, and Hampyeong Challengers Field, where the 2nd and 3rd teams are gathered. It is to settle the mood of the team, which is bound to be shaken.

On this day, at the gathering of the entire team, CEO Choi apologized for the situation as the front desk representative of the club. While promising to prevent a recurrence, saying, “I feel a sense of responsibility as the CEO,” he publicly conveyed his personal contact information to the athletes to let the players know if they have experienced similar unfair demands, or if they experience this in the future, no matter who or where they are. I did too.

In addition, towards the players who now have to start a long season, “The fans should not be harmed. Please do your best not to affect the performance.”

After the 2021 season, KIA replaced the president, general manager, and command tower. In less than a few years after winning the combined championship, they attempted to innovate to renew the team that had fallen to the bottom and lost its energy. Choi Joon-young, CEO of Kia Motors, was inaugurated as the CEO of the Tigers club at the time, and then appointed general manager Jang Jeong-seok and manager Kim Jong-guk in turn. Director Jang Jeon has been working dynamically for a year to meet the ‘change’ pursued by KIA. He received good reviews for his work. However, an unexpected misconduct problem broke out, and KIA dismissed the general manager again after a year.

Usually, the beginning of the season is the time when each club conducts a search match. April is the most important time of a season to prepare for power revisions, such as trades or foreign player replacements, if necessary. The general manager position, which should be at the forefront of the practice, has become vacant. 먹튀검증

KIA opens without a leader. As the leader, who was selected after much thought, resigned after a year, we must be very careful in choosing a successor. For the time being, we plan to start the season without appointing a new general manager. Along with senior team leaders such as the head of the operation team, CEO Choi Joon-young decided to start the season by taking charge of the club’s practical affairs.

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