“One day, I was a pro” Lee Won-jung, to an unwavering tomorrow

It has been about 4 months since I moved to the third team, but it has been almost 6 years since I made my professional debut. He came in as a transfer student and suddenly (?) became the main player, but the consideration to become better continues.

Earlier, in the first interview, Lee Won-jung delivered a little bit of his current situation, from the time of transfer to the championship game and his recent condition. Preparations for the upcoming season are also steadily being made. After solving a small story, he opened his mouth about ‘Yeonkyung’s sister’ this time.

It’s not complicated why he got the nickname ‘good luck’ from his fans. This is because Kim Yeon-kyung, who has excellent decision-making power, took the attack share high and showed an even distribution to the mercenary Yelena. Of course, conditions and game conditions are always uneven, so when there are ups and downs, there are infinite fluctuations. 

Regarding this, Lee Won-jung said, “I have never been scolded by (Kim) Yeon-kyung for the toss.” Blocking is concentrated on me, so please catch one block, then I will get points.”

In addition, he said that the player who goes beyond his position and takes him as a role model in the team is definitely Kim Yeon-kyung. He said, “If you look at when you manage yourself or come out and exercise, you are a completely different player from us.” His leadership is different, his mentality is just different, he is a player on a completely different level.”

An interesting episode related to the name also came out. Maybe because of the name ‘away’, the story mixed with jokes that he was exceptionally strong in away games came along like a nickname at some point.

Regarding this, he shyly said, “I’ve heard a lot of stories like that since I came here.” “My sister said, ‘You have to do well at home. . 

In addition, “In fact, I played at Samsan Gymnasium for the first time after transferring. Last year, I had wrist surgery and couldn’t play in the first game, so this is the first time in Samsan. Even the speed at which the ball fell was different, so everything was tiring.”  카지노사이트

He also comes from a volleyball family. His mother, a former athlete, is currently working as an elementary school coach. His older sister started playing volleyball first, but has now quit.

“I have already been in the gym since I was born. My mom put a blanket in a volleyball box instead of a stroller and put me in there and took me around. He invited me to play volleyball, but there was no setter at the time, so I became a setter from then on.

The team works out for about a week, takes a week off, works out for another 3 weeks, and takes another vacation. Lee Won-jeong, who said, “I like to travel, I plan to go to Nha Trang, Vietnam this vacation,” said Lee Won-jeong, “I also like to go camping with my family. These days, I’m playing screen golf, but my wrists aren’t good, so it’s a bit too much.” .

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