Lotte also turns away from ‘selection in a hurry’, and it is difficult to recruit Jeong Chan-heon… diminishing position

The Lotte Giants met a major bad news ahead of the opening.

Seo Jun-won, who was competing for the 5th selection, is in a state of indictment at the prosecutor’s office after being charged with sexual offenses against minors. Lotte did not wait for the result and immediately took the withdrawal action. Because I felt serious about this issue.

It is a significant loss for Lotte. He lost a pitcher who could be a starting pitcher in an instant. If so, you may be interested in starting pitchers on the market. Among them, the closest pitcher is Jung Chan-heon, a free agent player. Jeong Chan-heon is considered a pitcher who can compete for the 5th starting pitcher.

However, it never seems easy for Jeong Chan-heon to wear a Lotte uniform. Because he doesn’t have a good atmosphere inside.

Lotte general manager Seong Min-gyu said, “I cannot comment on Chan-heon Jeong. The word ‘no comment’ can also be interpreted in different ways. Currently, we cannot say anything about Jeong Chan-heon.”

It can be said that it is an extremely careless situation.

Regarding Chan-heon Jeong, a Lotte official said, “It’s a situation where we can’t say anything. However, it is possible to convey the atmosphere that developing internal power is a better way than recruiting Jeong Chan-heon. Myung-Jun Yoon, Lee-Jun Choi, and others are growing in their ability to serve as the 5th starter within the team. He thinks they will be given a chance first as he has prepared with all his might. Although I am not in a position to make decisions, I think I will fill the vacancy through internal growth rather than recruiting Jung Chan-heon. The possibility of recruiting Jeong Chan-heon seems very low.”

Even Lotte withdrew, and Jung Chan-heon’s position became narrower. Even the teams in a hurry to start right away are very unlikely to reach out to Jeong Chan-heon first.

Previously, Doosan first declared withdrawal before recruiting. Foreign player Dylan Pyle was hit in the head by a ball during training and injured, requiring a hiatus of nearly a month.

However, Doosan also decided to fill the void with internal growth. In addition, even Lotte, where the starting competitor was eliminated, pulled out, and Jeong Chan-heon’s position could be said to have narrowed even more. 안전놀이터

Although he is not saying it openly, it seems that Lotte is not very interested in recruiting Jeong Chan-heon.

The decision makers, such as the general manager and the coach in charge, are sparing their words, but it can be read that there is no intention in recruiting Jeong Chan-heon from other officials. For Jeong Chan-heon, it can be said that only precious time passes once again.

Will Jung Chan-heon be given another chance? As of now, it doesn’t seem very likely. This is because potential teams are stepping out in order.

How will Jeong Chan-heon’s season unfold? He is stepping out of one or two teams, and his chances of standing on the professional stage again are gradually narrowing.

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