Lee Jung-hoo is on a boat with MLB superstars… Less busy boras? ‘Blue Chip’ Filmed by Junghoo Lee

Scott Boras, who recently signed an agency contract with Lee Jung-hoo (25‧ Kiwoom), is a big icon representing the major leagues and the North American sports industry. He landed a number of big contracts with his talent for getting the best players and his excellent ability to package the value of players.

I can’t count the number of ‘active’ superstars who have landed contracts worth more than $200 million under Boras. Gerrit Cole (New York Yankees), Bryce Harper (Philadelphia), Xander Bogaerts (San Diego), Anthony Rendon (LA Angels), Corey Seager (Texas), and Max Scherzer (New York Mets) are some of his typical clients. Recently, Marcus Simian (Texas), Carlos Correa (Minnesota), and Carlos Rodon (New York Yankees) have successfully completed contracts.

One controversy is that even within the Boras Corporation, players who have no choice but to pay more attention and players who have to pay less attention are inevitably divided. This is why there are not a few cases where, after successfully completing the first free agent (FA) qualification, they parted ways with Boras Corporation ahead of the second free agency and signed with a relatively small agency.

If so, how much can Boras care about Lee Jung-hoo? Within the Boras Corporation, there are numerous teams dedicated to players. Boras takes overall responsibility by taking the mound at the watershed moment or at the end. There is a high possibility that Lee Jung-hoo will also receive the same treatment. Basically, the relatively less crowded 2023-2024 FA class of Boras Corporation also predicts more active intervention.

After this season, Boras’ representative customer who will be eligible for free agency is left-hander Julio Urias (LA Dodgers). Urias already has a solid track record and will be a 28-year-old player next year. He is expected to be popular in the market as a player who can pull out his prime. The Dodgers are yet to offer Uriahs a contract extension card, and Boras may also prefer to go to the market. In fact, many of his clients chose the free agent market rather than his extended contract.

Cody Bellinger (Chicago Cubs), who is eager to recover his reputation after being virtually released from the Los Angeles Dodgers, also belongs to the Boras division. Bellinger is eligible for free agency after this season. With performance this season likely to determine much of his ransom, if Bellinger shows clear signs of a rebound, Boras’ momentum could rise to the limit. Bellinger is also not old at 29 years old next year.

If you expand your gaze with an extension contract, Juan Soto (San Diego), who is selected as the biggest fish along with Shohei Ohtani (LA Angels), is Boras’ biggest customer. Soto will become a free agent after the 2024 season. There are already projections here and there that a total of more than $400 million will be needed. Going to the final year of the contract with San Diego is not a very favorable picture. The table must be set in 2023 for anything to come out.

However, other than this, there are no big players to pay attention to right away, and there is a possibility that Lee Jung-hoo will be placed right next to these players. 메이저놀이터 It means it can go to market with quite a bit of attention. It’s a bit far from the hectic period, when it shot ‘$1 billion in total’ in one season like Stove League in 2019-2020.

Basically, Boras Corporation sometimes pre-orders items that can win ‘a lot of money’. It can be interpreted as meaning that Lee Jung-hoo has sufficiently glimpsed such a possibility. Boras has a track record of giving Japanese top hitter Masataka Yoshida (Boston) a five-year total of $90 million ahead of this season, much more than the local press expected. There is a possibility that the packaging method used in the Yoshida negotiations and the atmosphere of the major league clubs read in the process will be of great help in the negotiations with Lee Jung-hoo.

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