Lee Chun-soo’s belief “The association’s pardon is a trick, fans are throwing away football”

On the 31st, Chun-soo Lee expressed his opinion on the amnesty through his YouTube channel, Chun-soo Lee.

The Korea Football Association announced on the 28th that it would pardon 100 soccer players who are under disciplinary action, including 48 who were involved in match-fixing in 2011, through a surprise board meeting on the 28th. It received great criticism from public opinion, and eventually the association decided to hold a temporary board meeting again on the 31st to reconsider the amnesty. 토토사이트

Lee Chun-soo said, “It’s a trick. They say it’s strange even when they see it. The current active players made me come back to soccer through the World Cup. So, when I go to the playground after a long time, my heart is full and I feel joy. It’s good that soccer is loved by the people. I don’t know why they brought up the story of buying it at this point,” he said. “I don’t understand why they decided on their own without consulting anyone.

He also said, “The only thing a footballer needs is a ‘fan’. But now the fans are making them abandon football. It’s making it more difficult,” he said.

When asked if he did not know about the current strong backlash, he said, “Why don’t you know the backlash?” “What will the active players do, in particular? “How are you going to play football? Fans don’t understand. How are you going to make the fans understand? I’m also ashamed,” he said, “since they say they’re opening a temporary board of directors, so I just hope they make good choices there.”

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