KPGA Kang Kyung-nam “Goal of 15 wins until retirement”

Kang Kyung-nam (40), who is celebrating the 20th anniversary of his debut on the Korean Professional Golf (KPGA) Korean Tour, is determined to achieve his goal of winning 15 wins by the time he retires.

Kang Kyung-nam joined the KPGA Tour Pro in August 2003. He succeeded in securing his seed in 2004 and debuting on his KPGA Korean Tour.

Kang Kyung-nam participated in 237 competitions by 2022, excluding 2014 and 2015, when he was serving in the military. Of these, he passed the cut in 195 competitions and entered the top 10 93 times. He maintains his seed every season and has never been pushed out of the top 50 in the Genesis money list.

Kang Kyung-nam said, “I always kept a steady amount of practice. I never practiced less. Looking back, I did not experience a ‘slump.’ It is a great strength. I have become more faithful in self-management.”

Kang Kyung-nam has won 11 championships so far. His first win came in 2006 at the Tomato Savings Bank Zephyros Open. Kang Gyeong-nam, who also won the Jungheung Gold Lake Open that year, won the KPGA prize money king and the lowest stroke award Deok Chun Award three years after his debut.

In 2007, he achieved 3 wins in the second half of the year, 1 win in 2010, 2 wins in 2011, and 1 win in 2013 before enlisting in the military. Kang Kyung-nam, who returned to the tour in 2016 after completing military service, added a win at the Jinju Savings Bank Kaido Men’s Open with Black Cats the following year in 2017, achieving 10 wins on the KPGA Korean Tour for the 8th time in his career.

Kang Kyung-nam said, “The period from 2005 to 2007 was the best period. At that time, golf really became what I wanted.” could,” he explained. 카지노사이트

Afterwards, Kang Kyung-nam, who won the 11th championship at the Biz Play Electronic Newspaper Open in 2021, has 11 wins on the KPGA Korean Tour and is currently tied for 7th place in the domestic most-winner list with Choi Yoon-soo (75) and Park Sang-hyun (40). In terms of prize money earned in Korea, it is 3,875.86 million won, second only to Park Sang-hyun (4,386.57 million won).

Kang Kyung-nam said, “Looking back on my 11 victories, winning the Biz Play Electronic Newspaper Open is the most memorable.” Joo Hyung-i and (Ok) Tae-hoon were chasing after them. After confirming the championship, I felt that ‘I still have enough competitiveness in confrontation with young players’,” he said honestly.

Currently, Kang Kyung-nam is in the midst of quenching for the 2023 season in the United States. The main sponsor has also changed, so they are more determined than ever.

Kang Kyung-nam said, “The goal for 2023 is to win. There are not many players in their 40s active on the tour, so it will be more meaningful if we win.” I will prepare hard before the opening this year as well,” he said with strength.

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