Kim Heon-gon and Kim Dong-yeop, who spent a winter of trials, wait for a warm spring day

Samsung Lions outfielders Kim Heon-gon (35) and Kim Dong-yeop (33) had a year of trials. In 2022, amidst the extreme sluggishness, psychological atrophy followed, and it was difficult to seize the opportunity for a reversal. In the end, the two players finished the season in the second group. In the aftermath of the sluggish performance, in the new year, he had to face a colder winter than ever while suffering from a salary cut and being eliminated from first-team field training. 

Last year, Kim Heon-gon started the season as the main player in the Samsung outfield. Park Hae-min (33) left the team as a free agent (FA), leaving a vacancy in center field, and Kim Heon-gon was given the opportunity to start first. However, Kim Heon-gon suffered from severe batting sluggishness from the beginning of the season, and had a hard time staying at a batting average of 10% until June. 

The command tower believed in him and put him in steadily, but all he got back was criticism from the fans. In the meantime, ‘Rookie’ Kim Hyeon-joon came up and took the starting center fielder position, and Kim Heon-gon moved back to corner outfielder, but failed to rebound. In the end, Kim Heon-gon left a disappointing score of 0.192 and went down to the second team to end the season. 

Kim Dong-yeop also had a hard time. In the aftermath of the team’s Corona 19 confirmation, he was named in the selection for the opening game, but was canceled from the first team after a day without a hit, and came back in mid-April and recorded a batting average of 2.5 pennies, but his chronic weakness, the defense, caught his ankle. 안전놀이터 Kim Dong-yeop, whose use was narrowed due to the defense, could not play many games. He eventually disappeared from the first team in the second half as he could not even hit the home run that the team expected. 

They are ‘hardworking’ players who will not lose to anyone in terms of the amount of sweat they shed, but the report cards they received were disastrous. The new season’s salary was also cut by 60 million won, and it was also omitted from the first-team spring camp list, which had been consistently named for more than six years. The two players prepare for the new season by participating in the 2nd team camp held at Ishikawa Stadium, not the Akama Stadium in Onna-son, Okinawa, which they are accustomed to. 

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