Ki-Dong Kim is growing his shrimp by gnawing bones today

Director Kim Ki-dong is always fresh. I feel the energy. He laughs haha ​​while talking with a smile on his face. Compliments pour in around him. Then, when the door of one season closes, his face hardens. He sighs and ponders how to prepare for the next season.

In January 2023, the Pohang Steelers are based in Hanoi, Vietnam. Unlike Thailand, which is chosen by many K-League clubs, Hanoi’s January weather is moderately maintained at 20-25 degrees during the day. There was a variable that suddenly made it impossible to use the training ground that had been recruited in advance, and Vietnam coach Park Hang-seo came to the rescue. Coach Park Hang-seo, who was aware of the situation, handed over the training ground for the Vietnamese national team to Pohang.

In fact, Pohang’s preseason pattern is obvious. Ace suddenly disappears. The director grumbles with the like-minded veteran. The newly joined players stick out their tongues at Kim Ki-dong’s physical training. The first professional contractors are busy paying attention in the ‘Strong World’. In the meantime, the main players use the pride of Pohang football as fuel. Director Kim Ki-dong says, “I am gnawing my bones.” Only the calendar and location are different, but ‘Kim Ki-dong’s Pohang’, which started in 2019, has always been like that. I am reminded of the words of <The youngest son of a conglomerate family> that a shrimp must grow in size in order not to explode in a whale fight.

Q: You must have received offers from domestic and foreign clubs that could set high goals. Please explain why you decided to renew your contract with Pohang.
I once said that I would consider it if a team with a chance to win would choose me. It was also an indirect request that the club invest a little more and bring in a player who can play the soccer I want. I am one of 13 players who ended their careers in Pohang and were inducted into the Hall of Fame. He always thinks of Pohang as special and has affection for it. I served 4 years as a director. I want to establish more football for this team, my football, and get at least one more thing out of it.

Q: There must be many temptations?
Haha, honestly, there were a lot. There were offers for the Olympic team, and there were also offers from other clubs. I thought a lot. However, I immediately thought that this was not the case in this situation. I am still lacking and studying about football. With this year’s players, ‘Is there a law saying that we should not win the K-League? Let’s set the goal a little higher,’ he said. When I was a player, when I went back to Pohang from Yugong, I found a little more justification. As a director, it’s the same. The cause is important.

Q: What is the soccer you want to do the most as a manager?
Any manager will tell you that he wants to play football in Spain or Manchester City. If there is a good squad, I want to do that too. My way of coping with the situation is to set only the big frame. It seems to be a bit closer to Liverpool. All players attack, defend, and play for one goal. I think that such a team is right. It is not soccer played by a specific player, but a style in which everyone moves together.

Q: How do you resolve when the manager’s idea is different from the coach’s?
Always ask for the coach’s opinion. Taking the Clinical Cooperation as an example, no matter how many times I looked at the video, the location was too bad. I ask the coaches, ‘I think the player is in a position where he can’t use his strengths at all. What do you think?’ Coaches also give their opinions. I try to run on the spot during the practice game, and I try to run again as I thought. After that, we gather opinions at the meeting again and make a final decision.

Q: Isn’t it too much for the director to prepare and judge alone?
For the first two years, I did everything by myself from start to finish. It was really, really hard. I felt like dying. From 2021, the analysts and coaches watched the video and submitted their thoughts to me. Then I sorted it out by contrasting my thoughts. After that, it became relatively comfortable. For the first two years, I ran around during training and I did all the demonstrations myself. From 2021, the plan is communicated at the pre-training meeting 카지노 and left to the head coach. If the point doesn’t seem to have been conveyed properly in the middle, I go in for a while and explain, then come out and watch it again.

Q: Will it help if the club budget is increased and investment is made in the field of coaching staff?
The coach and I go abroad to watch training, but it is at the level of watching only from the outside. So I want to learn a lot by inviting really good foreign coaches. I have a desire to improve the quality by bringing in a foreign coach.

Q: Do you have time to learn something new while coaching the K-League?
Frankly, there are very few I am sometimes asked if I watch European football, but during the season it is impossible. You have to plan your training after watching not only our video, but also your opponent’s video. It is difficult to watch other soccer videos except during vacation or A-match period. If the team’s performance is not good, there is no time to think about it, so it becomes difficult.

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