Kershaw, ‘Pitching as good as he was in his prime’, won 6 wins in the season and ranked first in the NL alone

Clayton Kershaw’s perfect pitching led the NL most wins alone.

Kershaw made his eighth start of the season against Milwaukee held at America Family Field in Milwaukee on the 11th (Korean time).

Kershaw allowed a solo home run to leadoff batter Contreras in the bottom of the fourth inning with a 2-0 lead. He was a slider that curled well into the body, but Contreras hit it well and connected it with a home run over the left wall.

But the downside was that. Kershaw threw 92 pitches through the 7th inning and allowed only 5 hits. He didn’t record a single pitch while striking out eight.

Thanks to Kershaw’s good pitch, the batting line also gained strength.

It lightened Kershaw’s shoulders by assisting a whopping 8 points, including back-to-back home runs by Freeman and Smith.

Kershaw, who won his 6th win of the season with the Los Angeles Dodgers winning the final score 8-1, lowered his ERA from 2.53 to 2.36.

With this win, Kershaw moved up to the sole lead in the NL’s most wins category. It is the second highest record in the major leagues as a whole. 먹튀검증

In fact, Kershaw suffered from all kinds of injuries in 21 and 22, the last two years. As long as he was away from injury for a long time, there were many eyes that saw that his prime was over now, digesting only 121.2 and 126.1 innings, respectively.

However, Kershaw is showing a resurrected appearance with perfect pitching.

He is averaging 6.2 innings in 8 games this season. This is already the 3rd time he has only thrown 7 or more innings in a game.

Clayton Kershaw, who has a career record of 202 wins and 89 losses with an ERA of 2.48, is in an absolute situation where the opinion that the Hall of Fame has already been won is a given.

If you continue to show these performances, it seems that Kershaw’s heyday can still be seen as ongoing.

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