KB Insurance and GS Caltex plummet… Absence of a solver, ‘sorrow’ due to Kang So-hui’s departure

Last season, KB Insurance and GS Caltex, the top teams in men’s and women’s professional volleyball, hovered in the lower ranks without finding a clue to a rebound.

In the men’s division, KB Insurance lost 8 consecutive losses and fell to 6th place, while in the women’s division, GS Caltex dropped to its knees in the 5th set in two consecutive matches and missed the opportunity to jump to the middle ranks, remaining in 5th place.

Since the ranking battle has entered the third round, it is highly likely that the two teams will struggle throughout the season if they do not find a clue to rebound between December and January of next year.

‘Mali Bomber’ Keita Noumori (21), who led his team to second place in the 2021-2022 season with an evaluation of more than half of the power and won the regular league MVP, entered the Italian league, and KB Insurance became the old team. it has become

They are trying to erase Keita’s void with the harmony of new foreign player Nicola Melanac (23) and local players, but it seems that they are struggling.

Since defeating Woori Card with a set score of 3-0 on the 3rd of last month, KB Insurance has given up 8 games. The 8th consecutive loss corresponds to the 3rd most consecutive loss of the KB Insurance club.

The content of the match is not good enough to win only 4 sets of the losing streak. In particular, he suffered a slump as he failed to add any victory points in 6 games in the second round.

KB Insurance was pushed to the bottom in the rest of the team’s attack indicators, except for time delay attacks and quick attacks. Nicola, a freshman in the V-League, struggles alone and lacks support from native players.

The defense is holding up, but the gap between the attack and the imbalance is too large. The average number of errors per game is 28.9, which is 5 more than that of Woori Card, which is the lowest in this category (average of 23.75 per game).

In a situation where organizational power did not improve, even a player with a novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19) came out and KB Insurance faced a worse situation.

KB Insurance’s sluggishness can be prolonged if it even gives up the game on the 13th against the lowest ranked Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, which is also losing 5 times in a row. Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, who recorded 2 wins and 11 losses this season, only won 2 wins against KB Insurance.

The aftermath of shoulder injuries to setter Ahn Hye-jin and starting left Kang So-hui played a major role in GS Caltex’s sluggish performance last season.

Ahn Hye-jin barely played the first round, and Kang So-hui recently withdrew due to shoulder rotator cuff pain while the team was trying to revive. 토토사이트

GS Caltex, which failed to appoint Kang So-hui, was caught in the 5th set of molds by Hyundai Engineering & Construction on the 8th and IBK Industrial Bank on the 11th.

Unlike the men’s division, which was solidified with 2 out of 3 in the 2nd round, the women’s division is 1 out of 4 in the 2nd round, so GS Caltex has more room to rise to the middle rank than KB Insurance in the men’s division.

However, it is a common expectation inside and outside the club that more time is needed to recover the unique young and dynamic team color of GS Caltex.

Hyundai E&C, the leader of the women’s division, is challenging to set a new record with 13 consecutive wins this week, and Pepper Savings Bank, which has fallen into a swamp with 13 consecutive wins, the longest in the women’s division, will re-challenge its first victory of the season against KGC Ginseng Corporation on the 14th.

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