K-League-La Liga, after business exchanges… From youth development to relay technology

The Korea Professional Football Federation issued a joint press release with Spanish La Liga and introduced recent business exchanges between the two leagues.

After signing a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for mutual development and cooperation in December 2020, the federation and La Liga will cooperate in ▲ job-specific training such as PR, marketing, and youth leaders, ▲ research on financial soundness measures, and ▲ campaign to eradicate illegal relay broadcasting. have been running a business.

In 2022, K-League youth players and practitioners from each field visited Spain to continue business exchanges.

In August 2022, the ‘La Liga Training Stage’ was held in Madrid, Spain, where Daegu, Busan, Ulsan, and Pohang U17 clubs played friendly matches with Atletico Madrid, Rayo Vallecano, and Getafe, who belong to the first division of La Liga Huvenil, and a workshop for players and leaders. , training, and watching La Liga matches.

In November 2022, the ‘K League Academy GM Course’ and ‘Broadcast Production Benchmarking Training’ were conducted.

During the GM course, 17 K-League club directors and senior team leaders visited the La Liga Secretariat and clubs such as Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid, Getafe, and Leganes, and had time to think about the direction the K-League clubs should move in the long term. 토토사이트

The participants shared know-how on the club’s business strategy, team management, youth development, marketing, and women’s soccer, and watched La Liga and women’s league matches.

During the relay production benchmarking training course, PDs from K League 1 relay broadcasters visited the La Liga Barcelona branch and Media Pro, an outsourcing production company for La Liga relay broadcasts, to study relay production guidelines, new projects related to relay, and the current status of relay rights in and outside of La Liga, and experience relay technology.

In December 2022, in cooperation with the Football Project Department of the La Liga Secretariat, a K-League youth leader training was conducted on the theme of ‘game model, training, and education methodology’. Leaders observed the games and training of youth teams by age, and received theoretical training on the ▲youth academy operating system, ▲game model, training, education methodology, ▲scouting, and ▲physical and conditioning.

During the training period, youth managers from a total of 5 clubs, including RCD Espanyol, Celta Vigo, Osasuna, Atletico Madrid, and Athletic Bilbao, took part in training and shared their philosophy and know-how regarding the operation of the youth academies of each club.

The federation plans to continue to provide opportunities for K-League team executives and managers to learn and experience La Liga’s system and marketing strategy, and to interact with La Liga in more diverse fields.