January or summer? Cho Kyu-sung’s move to Celtic is also interested in Scotland

With more teams wanting Cho Kyu-seong (Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors), the timing of the transfer cannot but be noted.

The British media’Daily Record’ reported on the 12th (local time) that “Celtic still strongly wants Cho Kyu-sung. Cho Kyu-seong is weighing the choice of January or summer transfer.”

Following Mainz 05 and Minnesota, Celtic is engaged in a fierce out-of-court battle over the recruitment of Cho Kyu-sung to rival Rangers. In order to recruit him, 온라인바카라.they are persuading him by adding a 50% cell-on clause to the transfer fee of 3 million pounds (approximately 4.5 billion won). The cell-on provision is in the form of giving Jeonbuk a portion of the transfer fee generated when Celtic later sells Cho Kyu-seong to another team.

Korean soccer legend and technical director Ji-Sung Park is currently leading negotiations for the transfer of Cho Kyu-Sung in the UK. He is known to have recommended a summer transfer to Cho Kyu-sung. He has more time to work with his teammates after joining after the season than in January, the middle of the season. He has a smooth side to adapting to Europe as well.

While admitting this, Cho Kyu-seong is also agonizing over the timing of his transfer. Now, Celtic is in a situation where they only have to look at the selection of Cho Kyu-sung.

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