International Paralympic Committee suspends membership of Russia and Belarus

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC/IPC) has decided to suspend the membership of Russia and Belarus.

IPPC issued a press release on the 17th (Korean time), saying, “IPC members decided to suspend Russia and Belarus’s qualifications for 바카라 activities at an extraordinary general meeting held in Berlin, Germany on the 16th.” As a result of the vote, member countries voted 64 to 39 in favor of suspending Russia’s qualifications, and 54 to 45 in favor of suspending Belarus’ qualifications. A majority is required to pass the motion.

IPPC is obliged by Russia and Belarus to ‘preserve the spirit of fair play within the Paralympic movement, protect the safety and health of athletes, and maintain basic ethical principles’ and ‘do not engage in any acts that cause risks that are incompatible with the purpose of IPPC. He explained that he had violated his duty of not doing it.

Andrew Parsons, president of IPPC, said, “As IPPC president, I want to live in a world where sports unite the world so that athletes can compete to the best of their competitors in a safe environment. It is guaranteed and I hope and pray that no more innocent lives will be lost.”

With this decision, Russia and Belarus lose all rights of IPPC members. In the future, IPC will not be able to participate in all competitions hosted by IP.

Russia and Belarus may appeal the decision. If the appeal is not upheld, the suspension decision may be reversed only by the General Assembly. The next IPPC general meeting is scheduled to be held in the last quarter of 2023.

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