“If only I had done one of the two…” SSG, the goal of the leading candidate for ‘Closer’ is ’30’

“If I had only recorded a hold or a save last year, I would have exceeded 30… But for the team, I have to throw it anywhere.”

Last season, Seo Jin-yong (SSG Landers) performed like Altoran. Seo Jin-yong, who started the season as a relief pitcher, changed his position to closer when closer Kim Taek-hyung was shaken. Seo Jin-yong, who had been consistently active, also suffered ups and downs at the end of August, and SSG replaced the closers with Moon Seung-won and Noh Kyung-eun. Seo Jin-yong’s record last season was 68 games, 7 wins, 3 losses, 21 saves, 12 holds, 67⅓ innings, 32 runs (30 ERA), and an average ERA of 4.01.

This season, Seo Jin-yong is a potential closer to SSG. Jin-yong Seo, who met with reporters at the Jackie Robinson Training Complex in Vero Beach, Florida, USA, said, “People around me say that I will play a finishing role, but I think it’s fine to do well in any position. I’m just focusing on building my body.”

Seo Jin-yong said that the preparation process for this season was the best. He said, “I’ve thrown a lot lately, and I’m thinking about taking care of my arms first. But I have to go through the season, so I’m preparing a lot for speed and other parts.” 140-141km/h comes out when I play ‘, but I went up to 141km/h in bullpen pitching yesterday. I think my pace is faster than usual.”

However, there were still many concerns about the condition of the body. Seo Jin-yong said, “The average ERA went up a lot at the end of last year. At the beginning, it was maintained at 2 points. To maintain that, you have to not get sick. That’s the biggest problem.” There are some things I need to pay more attention to and try to fix.”

Regarding the difference between a relief pitcher and a closer, he said, “There is a difference. When you are a reliever, you have innings left even if you come from behind. You just have to turn around again. In the case of a closer, if I hit the finisher, what I did well in the game will collapse because of me. He said, “There is a lot of pressure. However, I can concentrate better and get more attention,” he said.

Kim Taek-hyung, who served as a closer at the beginning of last season, enlisted. It is highly likely that Seo Jin-yong will serve as the closer this season. Manager Kim Won-hyeong also left open the possibility of Seo Jin-yong as a closer. Seo Jin-yong shouted 30 saves as his goal when he became a closer. 안전놀이터

He said, “It’s good to set a big goal. But once I recorded 20 saves, I’m thinking of saving 30 now. If I achieve that, I think I’ll think about saving 40 after that.” If I had only recorded a hold or a save in Edo, I would have passed 30. I have such regrets, but I think I have to throw anywhere for the team.”

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