“I don’t mind being in the second team, as long as I can play baseball”… The heart of a 23-year-old 4R catcher prospect, his love for baseball is sincere

“It is important to do your best in your position.”

Lee Byung-hun (23), the future master of the Samsung Lions, had a meaningful opening series. This is because he, along with Kang Min-ho and Kim Tae-gun, was in Samsung’s opening catcher roster. So, Lee Byung-hun invited his parents to Daegu Samsung Lions Park on the 1st, where the opening match was held. Although he couldn’t play, it was a meaningful day for Lee Byung-hun.

Lee Byung-hun, who we met on the 1st, said, “It was so good to be in the opening entry. For the first time, I invited my parents and it is a meaningful day.”

Lee Byung-hun, a native of Jemulpo High School, was nominated by Samsung in the 2019 rookie draft with the 32nd overall 2nd 4th round. Lee Byung-hun, who has been in the limelight as a promising catcher since his high school days, quickly solved his military problems, and also experienced his first-team stage debut last season.

In addition, he continued to gain experience in the first team through the Okinawa spring camp and exhibition games in Japan, and he continues to feel what he lacks.

He said, “Last summer, I felt like I was running out of energy. It seems that strong players have been good at baseball for a long time. I prepared a lot for winter. I worked hard on the weights, but the results came out not bad.”

Another is to establish your own strike zone. If I used to swing the bat recklessly, it’s not now. I set up my own zone and am trying to hit only when the ball comes into that zone.

Lee Byung-hun said, “Last season when I was in the 2nd team, I thought a lot about what to do to reduce strikeouts. Even during a game, I try to set my own strike zone and go to the game,” he said. No matter where I play baseball, I hope it goes well as planned.” 메이저놀이터

Now I know that I am lacking. That’s why I don’t get frustrated whether I’m in the 1st group like now or if I go down to the 2nd group. I just want to do my best in the given circumstances. Also, I try to enjoy the baseball I love wherever I am.

“There is no specific goal,” he said. If you do your best in a given environment day by day, I think the results will naturally follow.” “It’s okay to be in the 1st group, and it’s okay to be in the 2nd group. I can play baseball anyway,” he smiled.

Finally, Lee Byung-hun said, “As a catcher, there are still many things to do. compared to his predecessors. he must learn He helps a lot just by looking at him. It is right that he should prepare from underneath while watching the seniors who are good at it. I hope my skills improve even a little this season.”

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