“I can see why you’re getting a lot of money”… ‘Second baseman’ Kim Ha-seong, 364 billion won shortstop respect

San Diego Padres Kim Ha-seong was a finalist for the National League shortstop Gold Glove last year. He has already been recognized as having the best defense in the league. However, Kim Ha-seong has to give up his seat this year to a transfer student with a large amount of money. Zander Bogaerts (31)’s attachment to shortstop is beyond imagination.

North American sports media ‘The Athletic’ said, ‘Bogatz may be the third shortstop on the new team in the eyes of some evaluators. Ha-seong Kim was a finalist for the Gold Gloves in 2022, and Fernando Tatis Jr. was the number one mistake in 2021, but he boasted the strongest shoulder among the beasts. 

Bogarts signed a long-term contract with San Diego for 11 years and 280 million dollars (approximately 364 billion won) ahead of this season. Initially, San Diego asked if Bogatz was available for another position, but was quickly turned down. San Diego already had an infield set up with third baseman Machado, shortstop Kim Ha-seong, and second baseman Jake Cronenworth. When Bogatz moves to first base, the need to maximize offensive power and shake the existing solid infield disappears. 

However, he did not bend the condition of ‘fixed shortstop’. San Diego accepted this and received a large sum of money. The position shift came naturally. Kim Ha-seong moves to second base.

“We definitely have great players who can play multiple positions,” Bogarts said in an interview with the media. The same goes for my position, shortstop,” he said. “So I had to keep this position and not give it to anyone.” 

“I enjoy playing at shortstop. And have fun. I know it’s hard. It’s a demanding position and I know it’s physically demanding as well. That’s why I’m always trying to maintain a good body,” he explained, explaining his efforts to become a shortstop. 

He says there is no problem with team adaptability. The media said, ‘Trey Turner (Philadelphia) was offered $342 million, but was rejected. Bogarts isn’t San Diego’s first pick, but he’s bet big on his consistency. However, club officials are admiring his attack power, work ethic, and professionalism. So far in the camp, Bogatz has also impressed with his defensive stability,’ he said. ‘In addition, Bogatz’s affable personality helped ease tensions that can arise due to unusual situations.’  카지노사이트

It is Kim Ha-seong who has been pushed out of the shortstop position, but has to form a keystone combination with Bogatz. But he gave a thumbs up to his professionalism. Ha-seong Kim said, “I am a good baseball player. When he prepares for the game and sees him play the game himself, you can see why he is paid so much money.” “There is a lot to learn from Bo Gatz. He is grateful to be a teammate,” he explained. this year

Manager Bob Melvin is giving strength to a new shortstop. Manager Melvin said, “We signed Bogarts as a shortstop. He, too, is aware of the dynamics surrounding him,” he said, revealing his belief that “he is always ready to win.”

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