Hwang Hee-chan, who returned to Wolves with a ‘smile’, “Korean Hero!” until reaction

‘Miracle protagonist’ Hwang Hee-chan returned to his team, Wolverhampton.

Wolverhampton reported the news of Hwang Hee-chan’s return through SNS on the 12th (Korean time). Hwang Hee-chan left Korea via Incheon International Airport at 0:15 am on the 11th, and she joined the Wolverhampton training camp staying 안전놀이터 in Spain to reunite with her teammates.

A bright smile stood out. Hwang Hee-chan warmed up by talking with her colleagues. While she sat down to stretch, she was also heard shouting “Korean Hero!” Wolverhampton also delivered the news to fans by leaving a comment saying, “The World Cup hero is back!”

Hwang Hee-chan created a miracle at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. He missed the first match against Uruguay and the second match against Ghana due to a hamstring injury, but finally hit the ground in the third match against Portugal. Hwang Hee-chan scored a theatrical goal after receiving a pass from Son Heung-min just before the end, and Korea advanced to the round of 16 by beating Uruguay on multiple points. 안전놀이터

Hwang Hee-chan, who returned to Korea after the World Cup, said with joy, “I wanted to play no matter what my body was like, and I wanted to give the coach (Paul Bento) an option. It was a happy and proud moment to be able to achieve good results and score goals like that.” had told

In addition, he said, “I want to do well in my team and show a good image. As the goal is to continue to develop not only as a representative, but also as a team, I will try to show a better image.” Hwang Hee-chan started preparing for the rest of the season after joining Wolverhampton, although less than a week after the match against Brazil in the round of 16 ended.

The shoulders are heavy. Currently, Wolverhampton has fallen to the bottom of the English Premier League (EPL). Coach Bruno Raj, who successfully led the team last season, has been sacked, and Hulen Lopetegui is spurring to remain somehow enough to appoint.

Ultimately, the answer is scoring. Wolverhampton struggled, scoring only 8 goals in 15 league matches. The four goals scored by midfielder Ruben Neves accounted for half of them. As such, Hwang Hee-chan is expected to shoulder the heavy responsibility of reviving the team with a new teacher.

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