Heading to Pittsburgh, No. 1 in high school baseball, the game is over when the international director comes out

There was a local report that Shim Jun-seok (19), who was considered No. 1 in high school baseball, is highly likely to sign a contract with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

On the 12th (Korean time), The Athletics quoted domestic reports in a question-and-answer format related to the Pittsburgh club, saying, “The possibility of Shim Jun-seok going to Pittsburgh is growing.”

The media introduced, “Sim Jun-seok is a player ranked 10th in the international prospect list by MLB.com,” and “compared to Park Chan-ho’s childhood, who played for Pittsburgh in 2010.”

Although the article came out only recently, Shim Jun-seok’s move to Pittsburgh was practically decided in July of last year.

At the time, Pittsburgh dispatched the chief scouting officer to Korea to personally inspect and contact Shim Jun-seok.

MK Sports, on July 16, 2022, ‘[Exclusive] ‘157km monster’ rushes to Pittsburgh, what does the highest level of direct visit to Korea mean?’ The article reported that Pittsburgh’s interest in Shim Jun-seok was extraordinary.

At the time, the article introduced Sim Jun-seok like this.

Shim Jun-seok pitched 43 pitches in 3 innings, recording no hits, 2 walks, no runs, and 6. -5 led to victory. He displayed a power pitch, striking out eight.

It is said that his highest speed was taken up to 157 km. There were many evaluations that he returned to the look that scouts had been waiting for.

What is noteworthy is that a heavyweight figure appeared at Shinwol Stadium where the game was held.

The international director of the Pittsburgh Pirates showed up. Now is the time for Shim Jun-seok to start pitching properly. It was not the level of executives that would appear in this situation.

In other words, it can be interpreted 온라인카지노. as meaning that Pittsburgh has a lot of interest in Shim Jun-seok.

Usually, International Scouting is classified into three levels.

First of all, scouts who run directly on the field collect data and organize data.

Then, the person in charge of the regional division directly evaluates the data. It is only when a good evaluation is made here that the person who appears is the international director.

The person who oversees all international amateur drafts for the club is the international director.

If he came to Shinwol Stadium to see Shim, Jun-seok Shim’s move to the major leagues could speed up. Of course, the contract can be signed only when the conditions that Shim Jun-seok wants are met, but the fact that the international director appeared in person can be interpreted as meaning that he can invest more than a certain level in Shim Jun-seok.

Through this article, it was possible to point out that Pittsburgh has a special interest in Shim Jun-seok and there is a high possibility that it will lead to a contract.

A major league scout who reported Pittsburgh’s movement at the time said, “The fact that the international director stepped forward directly means that the game is over. At the time, Shim Jun-seok had not completely solidified his move to the major leagues, but he interprets it as believing in Pittsburgh’s move and choosing the major leagues. International directors of major league clubs rarely visit Korea in person. It can be said that Pittsburgh has put in a lot of effort. Shim Jun-seok’s move to the major leagues should be considered at this time,” he explained.

Shim Jun-seok’s trip to Pittsburgh is not a new story. It’s as if the decision was already made six months ago. It can be said that the possibility of the contract being canceled is extremely small. This season, we saw Shim Jun-seok wearing a Pittsburgh (minor league) uniform.

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