Harmonious Sungui Girls’ High School defeated Samcheonpo Girls’ High School and won their first victory

Soongui Girls’ High School defeated Samcheonpo Girls’ High School with a harmonious game management and won its first victory during the federation’s presidency.

Sungui Women’s High School won 62-40 in the match against Samcheonpo Women’s High School in the 2023 Federation President’s National Men’s and Women’s Middle and High School Basketball Gimcheon Tournament B Group B qualifier held at the Gimcheon Indoor Assistant Gymnasium on the 5th. He won his first victory as president of the federation.

Soongeui Girls’ High School ran from the start. All players on the starting list scored in the first quarter. We got off to a good start at 18-5. 카지노사이트

However, Samcheonpo Girls’ High School, with five players, increased the pace in the second quarter. Kwon Min-seo (175cm, F) and Jung Gwi-an (175cm, F) collaborated on 12 points.

Soongui Girls’ High School, which started the third quarter with a 10-point advantage, seized the victory in the third quarter. Because Ahn Seo-yeon (166cm, G) exploded. Ahn Seo-yeon was in charge of 10 out of 15 points in the third quarter for Soongui Girls’ High School. The score widened to 17 points.

Soongui Girls’ High School, who had the chance to win, did not lose focus until the end of the game. Rather, it widened the score gap. Jung Hyun (180cm, F)’s last minute concentration shone.

Meanwhile, Onyang Girls’ High School poured firepower against Hwabon High School. They won by 53 points (99-46). Hwang Hyeon-jeong (173cm, F/C) scored 38 points, including 10 3-pointers.

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