Goal-scoring ‘wing-back’ Kim Seung-seop emerges as a threatening ‘new option’ for Jeju side

Kim Seung-seop’s ‘wingback’ card. Jeju United equips a new option.

Kim Seung-seop has been in a Jeju jersey this season. He spent seven seasons with Daejeon Hana Citizens, where he was a standout performer. His main position is as a flanker. His strengths are his speed and his ability to break through.

However, Jeju used the winter training camp to see if Kim can play wingback. Jeju’s flankers don’t usually play in space. They play inside, and their wingbacks are the ones who are aggressive and forward. That’s why Nam decided to use Kim Seung-seop as a wingback. Seung-Seop accepted the idea and took it to heart.

However, he didn’t get much playing time after the season started. Jeju had Lee Ju-yong, who was acquired in a trade, and Ahn Hyun-beom, who was called up to the national team, as their two main flanking defenders. Recently, however, both Lee and Ahn have been sidelined with injuries, opening the door for Kim Seung-seop.

Ahn Tae-hyun, another flanker, will cover the right side, while Seung-seop will play on the left. Seung-seop contributed to the team’s first goal in the 19th round match against Daejeon with a header. Kim’s penetrating ability stood out. He had scored in the FA Cup this season, but this was his first goal in the league. In addition to scoring, he was all over the field with his threatening moves. The defense wasn’t bad either.

Kim Seung-seop emerged 토토사이트 as a new option for Jeju as he was able to play wingback as well. This is because he is becoming a multiplayer who can play both defense and offense. Furthermore, the return of U-22 player Jeon Sung-jin, who was sidelined with an injury in the opening match, is imminent. Jeon can play in the midfield as well as on the left side of defense. He is likely to alternate with Kim Seung-seop until Lee Joo-yong returns. If Jeon is deployed as a defender, Kim Seung-seop can also play as a striker.

Jeju’s strengths lie on the flanks. This is where the role of the wingbacks is crucial. That’s why Jeju’s right flank hasn’t been as active in games without Ahn Hyun-beom. Kim Seung-seop is an attacker, so his movement in the opponent’s zone is quite threatening. What’s more, the three-back line of Jung Woon, Kim Okyu, and Lim Chae-min remains solid, taking some of the pressure off Kim’s defense.

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