‘Gibberish’ Chairman Muller… ‘Veteran’ Park Hang-seo was right

Coach Park Hang-seo, who finished his five-year partnership with #Vietnamese soccer, returned to Korea last month and brought up a meaningful story.

Head coach Park Hang-seo, who returned to Korea on the 14th of last month, responded to a question about the process of appointing a new national team coach. said.

He emphasized that the ‘belief’ that it was not desirable that the Korea Football Association nominated Michael Müller as the head of the national team’s power strengthening committee was still there.

Director Park already pointed out about the appointment of Chairman Muller, “I wonder how much this person knows the capabilities of domestic leaders. I wonder if it will be possible to accurately evaluate (about domestic leaders) by looking at documents and data.”

Director Park’s remarks at the time caused a big wave. He was evaluated as unnecessary advice in selecting a new coach. However, director Park’s concerns actually appeared.

Chairman Muller held a press conference at the Seoul Soccer Center on the 28th and revealed the background of the appointment of Jurgen Klinsmann as the new coach.

On the 27th, the Korea Football Association appointed German coach Klinsmann as the new head coach of the Korean national football team. Director Klinsman’s contract period is about 3 years and 5 months from March this year to the 2026 World Cup finals in North and Central America. The salary was not disclosed according to the agreement of both parties. He will return to Korea next week and start coaching the Korean national team.

Chairman Mueller said, “After selecting five candidates through a set process, we tried to negotiate with priorities again within them.” Coach Klinsman felt great interest in Korean football and was very motivated, so he decided to drop him.”

Although it is the most important task, Chairman Mueller failed to hold a normal press conference during the press conference. The biggest problem was the appointment of coach Klinsman, but what was more highlighted was Chairman Muller’s press conference.

When asked about the appointment of coach Klinsmann, Müller listed the relationship between Klinsmann and Korea. Then, one by one, he began to add his thoughts. He said, “In the last 2022 World Cup in Qatar, coach Klinsman participated as a Technical Research Group (TSG).” .

He also talked about his relationship with coach Klinsman and Cha Doo-ri, who worked together as a member of TSG. Chairman Mueller said, “You can guess that the two of them had a lot of conversations for the same goal while using the same hotel,” he said. I know you asked a lot about Korean soccer,” he said, giving a speculative answer.

Even the most important football philosophy has been less clear. When asked what aspects of Korean soccer could be improved by Klinsman’s appointment, he said, “I think we will find a way to create more scoring opportunities and score more goals.” ” he said. 안전놀이터 As this answer continued, the question of whether it was an individual’s opinion or director Klinsman’s opinion came up again.

The old man’s advice had a clear meaning. Dissatisfaction with coach Klinsman is getting bigger because of the nonsensical actions of not only the director himself, but also Chairman Muller and the Korea Football Association. In particular, the Korea Football Association could not prepare a German interpreter for Chairman Muller, who was not good at English. Only problems are highlighted.

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