‘Fox of the Ground’ Shin Tae-yong (3rd generation), “The role of a ‘K-League evangelist’ to Indonesian players”

‘Fox of the Ground’ Indonesian national team coach Shin Tae-yong was selected as the first inductee in the player category (3rd generation) of the ‘K-League Hall of Fame’. 

The Korea Professional Football Federation (hereinafter referred to as the federation) held an induction ceremony for the ‘K League Hall of Fame’ at Ambassador Seoul Pullman located in Jangchung-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul at 11:00 am on the 2nd.

Professional soccer, which started in 1983, celebrated its 40th anniversary. The federation established the ‘K-League Hall of Fame’ by selecting those who have left outstanding achievements and achievements among the players, leaders, and officials who have embroidered the K-League for the past 40 years. Legends were selected in three categories: ‘STARS’, ‘LEADERS’, and ‘HONORS’. 카지노사이트

A total of six people were nominated for this dedication ceremony. Four players were selected based on the 10-year generation, and one leader and one contributor were selected. Starting in 2023, the ‘K-League Hall of Fame’ will select a new inductee every two years.

The third-generation inductee is Shin Tae-yong, coach of the Indonesian national team. After debuting in Ilhwa Chunma, he emerged like a comet by winning the Rookie of the Year Award. He played as a key midfielder from 1992 to 2004, dedicated solely to anecdotes. The K-League career record is 401 games, 99 goals and 68 assists, leaving a mark by winning the league championship 6 times and Best Eleven 9 times.

As a recommendation from manager Shin Tae-yong, his sons Shin Jae-won (Seongnam) and Shin Jae-hyeok (Ansan), who are currently active in the K-League, came forward. The two brothers said, “It was only after stepping on the professional stage that I felt the greatness of the path his father had trodden on.” Shin Jae-hyeok said, “I think you’ll regret that the K-League’s total score is 99. They say it was because of the promise to score the 100th goal as a field goal, but I will never avoid a penalty kick (PK) opportunity.”

Head coach Shin Tae-yong, who took the podium, said, “As Lee Dong-guk said earlier, athletes think that their parents are the most difficult. did.

“I am in charge of the Indonesian national team, but I am playing the role of a ‘K-League evangelist’. I talk a lot about the K-League to the players. It was also said.

Also, “I think I can be here because I made my name known in the K-League as a player. Thank you for your support,” he concluded. 

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