‘For the revitalization of 3×3 in the province’, JBY SPORTS and Motion Sports teamed up with 3×3

“If we continue to compete in good faith with each other, I expect that we will be able to show the strength of the local team.”

Motion Sports and JBY SPORTS are preparing for the Korea Tour, pledging to compete in good faith.

While the KBA 3×3 Korea Tour 2023 1st Seoul Tournament (hereafter referred to as the Seoul Tournament) is scheduled to be held on the 15th and 16th, some teams in the metropolitan area as well as in the provinces are recruiting players to participate in the Korea League in this season’s 3×3 Korea Tour Korea League men’s division. It seems that there will be more high-level matches.

Among them, Motion Sports and JBY SPORTS, which are based in Busan and Jinju, Gyeongnam, recently conducted joint training in preparation for the upcoming Seoul Games. JBY SPORTS, which is participating in the Korea League men’s division starting this season, invited Busan’s strong motion sports to its exclusive 3×3 court ahead of the tournament.

They left the team and gave one-point lessons on 3×3 to improve and develop each other’s skills, and practiced together. Both Motion Sports and JBY SPORTS players were serious in the long-awaited practice match. The players of the two teams checked their condition and learned the patterns through the practice game, and corrected the wrong movements.

Jeong Bong-young, CEO of JBY SPORTS, who led the joint training, said, “We have had frequent exchanges with the main players of motion sports since before. Also, there are many players living in the vicinity of Jinju, such as Gimhae and Sacheon. We gathered. Since we are in the same area, I think we are in a position to help each other rather than compete,” he explained the purpose of the joint training.

JBY SPORTS, led by CEO Jeong Bong-young, debuted on the 3×3 stage through the KXO competition last year, but the 3×3 court and rules, which are completely different from 5:5 basketball, are still unfamiliar.

He continued, “Even though we are made up of former players, 5:5 basketball and 3×3 are completely different worlds. Since last year, we challenged the 3×3 stage, and they were playing 5:5 basketball on a 3×3 court. I also lacked a lot. Last year, I think there were more losses (laughs),” he said. I want to build more wins,” he added.

One of the reasons why CEO Jeong Bong-young of JBY SPORTS, who runs a youth basketball class named after himself, is gradually expanding his activities in 3×3 is that he has sincere feelings for the youth he is coaching.

Representative Jeong Bong-young said, “Actually, 3×3-only courts were installed for children. So far, there is not much infrastructure for 3×3 in areas like Jinju, and there are not many competitions. I thought that when I played on the court myself, the part that the children saw and felt would be big. Of course, grades are important, but I want to create an atmosphere that can give dreams and hopes to future generations who enjoy 3×3.”

Motion Sports captain Cheon Ho-seong, who started joint training with JBY SPORTS, said, “First of all, I would like to thank JBY SPORTS CEO Jeong Bong-young and Motion Sports CEO Kim Dong-hyun for leading the joint training. It’s good, and through the practice game, the players have an appropriate sense of tension.”

Motion Sports, which has been in its second year of participating in the Korea League, is creating a new atmosphere through a change in power this year. Cheon Ho-seong said, “Many of the players who played for the 3004S team last year, including me, moved to Motion Sports. I am very grateful to CEO Kim Dong-hyun and eldest brother (Park) Jun-su for giving me the opportunity to play in a good team called Motion Sports. I will try hard once again this season with the mindset of doing it. My biggest goal is to finish the season well without injury, and 메이저사이트 I want to achieve a mid-level or better result,” he said of his goal.

On the court, it is a competitor who has to fight fiercely for the match, but both teams are looking at the same goal. The two teams promised to play a leading role in spreading the charm and fun of 3×3 to local basketball clubs by continuing more vigorous exchanges through the medium of ‘3×3’.

Lastly, CEO Jeong Bong-young and captain Cheon Ho-seong said, “Anyway, the 3×3 infrastructure itself is still biased towards the metropolitan area, but if we continue to compete in good faith with each other, we can show the strength of the local team. I’m looking forward to it. I promised to do regular training as well. I hope that each of us will show good performance on the court without injury.”

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