Controversy over ‘gossip’ as soon as he joined, Kim Seo-hyun ‘Excluding 3-day training + imposing a fine’

Kim Seo-hyeon (19, Hanwha Eagles), who received attention as a large-scale rookie, caused controversy with a story before even playing a real game.

On the 6th, Kim Seo-hyun’s name went up and down in the baseball community. The person who was following Kim Seo-hyun’s personal social network (SNS) revealed the contents of his account. In particular, a post criticizing the coach who disciplined him created controversy.

It was not easy to confirm that it was Kim Seo-hyun with only a limited number of photos, but at the end of the interview, Hanwha confirmed that Kim Seo-hyun’s account was correct. Athletes who openly criticize their coaches are subject to disciplinary action according to the Hanwha Club’s internal rules. An official from Hanwha said on the 8th, “We plan to exclude Kim Seo-hyun from spring camp training for three days and impose a fine in the future.” As a result, Kim Seo-hyun does not participate in training for the 7th to 10th days (the 9th is a rest day) and stays at the dorm.

This is not the first time that SNS stories have been introduced in the baseball world. As SNS attention increased, writing problematic articles in public decreased, but controversy arose while operating a secret account that was not disclosed to the public. In 2020, Shin Dong-soo (former Samsung Lions) was eventually released after it was revealed that he had posted abusive language against the coach, belittling fans, and belittling the hometown. Bae Ji-hwan, who graduated from Gyeongbuk High School and signed a contract with the Pittsburgh Pirates, was revealed to have posted accusatory comments through a secret account while playing in the minor leagues in 2021. It was not an SNS post, but in 2017, Kim Won-seok (former Hanwha) was released after it was revealed that he criticized acting coach Lee Sang-gun and his colleagues at the time through a direct message with a fan.

Hanwha has been at the center of controversies one after another after captain Ha Joo-seok caused controversy last year for throwing a helmet and being caught drunk driving. Ha Joo-seok strongly expressed his dissatisfaction with the referee’s decision after striking out against the Lotte Giants in Daejeon on June 16. 스포츠토토 The helmet he threw with a curse hit head coach Wes Clements in the back of the head. Ha Joo-seok was suspended for 10 games and fined. Then, in the early morning of November 19, during the final training period, he was caught driving drunk and was suspended for 70 games by the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO).

Kim Seo-hyun is a large rookie nominated by Hanwha with great expectations. Last year, when the full draft was implemented again, he was selected as the first overall pick and wore a Hanwha uniform. In high school baseball last year, he threw a fastball with a maximum speed of 155.6 km/h and recorded a record of 3 wins and 3 losses with an earned run average of 1.30. He was considered the best rookie along with Shim Jun-seok, who signed with the Pittsburgh Pirates even before the draft.

He actually met expectations. He threw up to 151 km per hour in his first bullpen pitch in spring camp, and also showed a bold determination, saying, “I want to make 50 saves.” His breaking ball ability is also praised. Hanwha, who has a weak mound, expected Kim Seo-hyun to play an active part in the first team from his first year.

Kim Seo-hyun left a bad impression on fans even before he had his first real fight. Manager Carlos Subero and the Hanwha team also hope to reflect and learn from mistakes rather than reprimand the players.

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