Can Hana OneQ, shaken by bad news of consecutive player injuries, find a breakthrough?

Last season, Bucheon Hana 1Q barely escaped the disgrace of the lowest win rate in the WKBL season ever. With 5 wins and 25 losses in the season, he recorded a win rate of 106.7. WKBL’s lowest win rate in history was 101 04 (4 wins 31 losses) recorded by KDB Life Insurance (predecessor of BNK Some) in the 2017-2018 season.

In order to escape from such a serious sluggish swamp, Hana 1Q has transformed into a coaching system this season with Kim Do-wan. It was a choice to improve the constitution of the team by appointing coach Kim, who has been in charge of the head coach at Yongin Samsung Life Insurance for six years since 2016 and has a good understanding of the women’s basketball world.

However, despite these changes, Hana 1Q has not been able to escape from a serious slump at the beginning of the season. Now entering the 3rd round, the win rate is less than 10% with 1 win and 11 losses. Definitely at the bottom of the league. The players are still unable to digest Kim’s style and tactics well.

In addition to this, there is a series of injuries to key players. Players getting hurt is something the manager can’t do anything about. That is why the inside of the new director is burning even more charred. Currently, Hana 1Q’s injured list includes veteran center Yang In-yeong (27), forward Kim Mi-yeon (25), young shooter Jeong Ye-rim (21), and Min-Wan guard Kim A-na (27). Yang In-young and Kim Mi-yeon were excluded from the list from the beginning of this month, and Jeong Ye-rim suddenly suffered from anemia and exhaustion after performing a brilliant performance in breaking the record for the most points and the most three-point shots in a home game against Asan Woori Bank on the 7th. I couldn’t come out before BNK SUM in Busan on the 11th.

In this situation, even Kim Aena, who was expected to support the team, suffered an unfortunate injury. In the match against BNK, Ana Kim played almost full-time until the 3rd quarter, doing her part with 10 points, 4 rebounds and 2 assists. However, just before the end of the third quarter, she attempted a three-point shot and stepped on the opposing defense’s foot in the process of landing, causing her right ankle to turn. It was a scene where serious injuries were feared. 스포츠토토 With a thin player base, if even Kim Aena took a long-term absence, Hana 1Q could fall into an irreversible situation.

But hopeful news came out of the worst crisis. An official from Hana 1 Q said, “It was diagnosed that Kim’s injury was not as serious as expected. It was diagnosed that her ligaments were not severely damaged, so she could recover if she took a break for about 1-2 weeks. For now, we plan to focus on treatment.” said.

Other injured players are also expected to return soon. The official said, “Jeong Ye-rim underwent a re-examination, and it came out that there was no major problem. Yang In-young also has a chance to play against Shinhan Bank at the earliest, or against KB Stars on the 17th,” he explained.

For Hana 1Q, which is suffering the worst slump ever, players on the injured list must return as soon as possible to find a clue to change. Attention is focusing on how coach Kim will take care of the faltering squad.

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