Busan I’Park, away uniform ‘everyone’ popularity… exceptional sales volume

Busan I-Park started selling new uniforms for this season on the 15th.

Busan introduced a new design for the 2023 season uniform, based on HDC’s unique colors, with a shield pattern embodying Busan’s emblem and a wave pattern reminiscent of Busan’s sea. The home uniform is a black color that has been used for a long time since 2010, expressing strength through color contrast. On the other hand, the away uniform uses the CI color of HDC Ocean Blue, which expresses the sea of ​​Busan, to add freshness.

According to Busan, the reaction is ‘the best ever’. In particular, it is said that the away uniform recorded an exceptional sales volume that approached the sales of the home uniform.

2023 season tickets and memberships are also on sale. 안전놀이터 Season tickets are divided into three levels: first class, prestige and junior. First Class can reserve all seats (including table seats in the Dynamic Stand), excluding expedition seats, and Prestige and Junior can enjoy benefits from seats excluding expedition seats and table seats.

Season tickets for the three classes are equally entitled to pre-order 7 days before the game. For First Class, a 30,000 won uniform discount coupon is provided, and for Prestige, a 30,000 won discount coupon for club clothing (PUMA) is provided. Discounts can be used when purchasing offline MD Shops. In addition, all season ticket purchasers can enter the Futures home game for the first time in the K4 League for free.

Similar to season tickets, membership benefits include preferential reservations 7 days before the game. There is a 3,000 won discount when purchasing a same-day ticket, and a 30,000 won discount coupon that can be used when purchasing a uniform.

Starting with Cheonan on March 1st, Busan will enter the league in earnest.

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