‘Bonds of great success’ Jeju, happy with the synergy effect of Hayes + Yuri

Hayes and Yuri, freshmen of Jeju United, are making a strong impression from the field training.

Jeju will conduct overseas winter training in Chiang Mai, Thailand from the 5th to the 30th. After entering Thailand, Jeju, which focused on conditioning and strengthening physical strength, has been improving its tactics through practice matches since the second week of training.

The part that focuses the most on the mock test is the destructive power of the attack. It is necessary to fill the gap between Joo Min-gyu (39 goals, 8 assists) and Gerso (13 goals, 9 assists), who jointly scored 69 offensive points over the past two seasons. After the end of the 2022 season, Joo Joo-kyu moved to Ulsan Hyundai and Jerso to Incheon United.

However, the question mark they left behind is turning into a new exclamation mark. “Heimar” Hayes and “Tank” Yuri, whom Jeju ambitiously recruited, are quickly integrating into the team.

In particular, Hayes’ class and Yuri’s destructive power, which had impressive performances (16 goals and 9 assists) on the K-League 1 and K-League 2 stages over the past two seasons, are creating strong synergy in practice matches.

The 2023 Jeju Special Self-Governing Province (Governor Young-Hoon Oh) international exchange support project to promote the Jeju brand using the football fever in Southeast Asia, revitalize Jeju tourism, and enhance Jeju’s status as a free international city, met the best sparring opponents.

On the 14th and 17th, Jeju faced Chiang Rai United, a rising powerhouse in Thai League 1, twice. Chiang Rai United recently met FC Seoul, Jeonbuk Hyundai, and Daegu FC in the Asian Champions League, and is a team familiar to domestic fans as former K-League Kim Ji-min is active. 온라인바카라

The result was a 1-1 draw in the first leg and a 2-2 draw in the second leg. As it was literally a practice stage, he did not dwell on the result and maintained a clear direction for the perfection of the attack. At the center were Hayes and Yuri.

Yuri scored all of Jeju’s goals (three goals), including two consecutive matches. When coach Nam Ki-il ordered a powerful movement in front of the gate, he trampled the opponent’s goal like his nickname ‘Tank’ with his overwhelming physicality of 185cm and 88kg.

In the first game, he scored a goal with an acrobatic bicycle kick from a side cross, and in the second game, he scored multiple goals with a header with a high RBI and a play that did not lose concentration from a corner kick chance.

Following the first game, Hayes quickly changed the flow of the game in the second game by actively participating in the defense and passing using the position of his teammates.

In the 2nd game, he stepped up as a kicker from a corner kick chance in the 33rd minute of the first half and helped Yuri’s opening goal with an elaborate right-footed kick.

Hayes said, “I heard about Yuri’s joining and looked for his play video. Even on the ground, I’m learning what kind of ball Yuri likes to receive and what kind of movement he makes. I’m from Brazil, so communication is going well, so I have higher expectations. “he said.

Yuri said with a smile, “Hayes is the best helper. He gives me sincere help on and off the field, so I gain more and more confidence. I will prepare well in the Thai training so that each other’s synergy can continue on the K-League 1 stage.”

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