‘Barefoot 212cm’ Lim Dong-il dreams of becoming the second Seon Sang-hyeok

“My current height was 212cm barefoot when I measured it on January 1st.”

Chung-Ang University admitted 9 freshmen this year as well. After selecting a large number of players each year, as the grade goes up, we select players with excellent skills. The tallest among Chung-Ang University freshmen is Lim Dong-il, known for his height of 210 cm during his time at Muryong High School in Ulsan.

Im Dong-il, who we met during winter training in Uljin-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do on the 11th, said, “I started playing basketball in the first year of high school. He said, “Since someone he knows is tall, he asked if he had any intention of playing basketball, so he did it.” He said, “He doesn’t regret starting basketball. I am 20cm taller than I was back then, and I am so happy that I started playing basketball and came to a good school called Chung-Ang University. As for my current height, when I measured it on January 1st, I came out with 212cm barefoot,” he introduced himself.

Lim Dong-il, 온라인카지노 who was 2 cm taller than he was in high school, said, “(In college), you have to develop your physical strength and weight first. The basic skills are still lacking, so I have to do it while learning from the coach,” he said. I came to Chung-Ang University because I thought I would learn a lot as a center,” he explained why he went to Chung-Ang University.

Lim Dong-il, who is participating little by little in high school and practice games, said, “I want to do well, but I can’t do it my way. He said, “I have a habit of dropping the ball, so I have to try not to let the ball go down, and I need to increase my jumping power so that I can rebound and have a presence under the goal.”

After anticipating, “I think I will still become a pillar-like player in the third grade,” Lim Dong-il said, “Currently, I focus on building my body while learning a lot from the coaches and coaches. I want to become a player who takes responsibility for the team.”

Rather than using Im Dong-il right away, Chung-Ang University plans to appoint him as the main axis from around the third year after he has perfected his skills for about two years. Like Seon Sang-hyeok (SK). Seon Sang-hyeok was not a player who could play right away due to injuries before entering Chung-Ang University, but as his condition improved, he grew into a professional player to covet.

Of course, Seon Sang-hyeok started playing basketball from a young age and had good basic skills. There is obviously a difference in basic skills, but Lim Dong-il has a bigger stature. Even if he debuts in KBL right away, he will become the longest new player.

If Lim Dong-il, who is similar to Baek Ji, grows up at Chung-Ang University, he will become the tallest domestic player after Ha Seung-jin.

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