Bae Ji-hwan, ‘2nd baseman 8th selection’, multi-hit + third base steal from the first day… Choi Ji-man waits on the bench

Pittsburgh Pirates infielder Bae Ji-hwan recorded a multi-hit in the opening game.

Bae Ji-hwan is showing a good sense of hitting in an away game against the Cincinnati Reds in the 2023 Major League Baseball held at Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA on the 31st (Korean time).

With Choi Ji-man guarding the bench, Bae Ji-hwan, who started as second baseman and 8th hitter, did not score a run, but hit from the first at-bat. He made an infield hit after two outs in the second inning when the team fell behind 0-1.

In the second at-bat after one out in the 4th inning when the team faced off 1-1, he hit a double in the left field. Then, at Hedges’ at-bat, he even succeeded in stealing third base. 바카라사이트

After that, Hedges picked a walk, and Pittsburgh took a chance on 1st, 1st and 3rd base. Cruz also picked a walk and became the bases loaded, and Reynolds also picked a walk and pushed it away, turning the score 2-1. Bae Ji-hwan passed home.

Following this, McKutchin also picked a walk and scored one more point, and ran away with one more point due to the opposing pitcher’s wild throw. Pittsburgh is leading 4-1.

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