After the second-place manager was kicked out, the command tower was not recruited… The bitter ending of Heungkuk Life Insurance

What the hell was Heungkuk Life Insurance trying to get by kicking out manager Kwon Soon-chan? The command tower unjustly packed up due to the front desk’s excess of authority for no other reason, and the aftermath was not expected at all.  먹튀검증

On the 10th, Heungkuk Life Insurance said, “Director Ki-joong Kim, who was announced as manager, conveyed his intention to decline the appointment of manager after careful consideration.” We sincerely apologize for causing controversy in the appointment of the director.”

On the 2nd, Heungkuk Life Insurance suddenly dismissed coach Kwon Soon-chan, who led the team well. It was coach Kwon who was unjustly burdened in the unprecedented situation of the leadership intervening in the game. After that, even head coach Lee Young-soo, who had been assisting coach Kwon, left the team after playing against GS Caltex on the 5th as an acting head coach, leaving the head coach and head coach positions vacant in an instant.

Heungkuk Life Insurance quickly appointed Shin Yong-jun as head coach and then entrusted the baton to Sunseon Girls’ High School head coach Kim Ki-joong, who served as head coach for four seasons under coach Park Mi-hee in the past. Heungkuk Life Insurance praised director Kim as “the right person with rich field experience and leadership,” and Director Kim said, “I came back to Heungkuk Life Insurance, where I had shared joys and sorrows for the past four years, and took on a new challenge. I will show you a good game so that I can repay the passionate support of the fans.”

However, coach Kim’s debut as a leader was an unprecedented event. Even after announcing the appointment of the head coach to the media, the club’s absurd explanation that “the appointment process could not be completed”, coach Kim Dae-kyung, who acted as acting head coach, directed the IBK Industrial Bank match on the 8th. And coach Kim gave up the coaching job four days after his appointment, saying, “I don’t think performing the coaching job now will help the players and volleyball officials who have worked hard.” 

From the 2nd to the 10th, for about 10 days, two coaches resigned, and chaos arose as the acting coach and the acting coach played the game. Fortunately, the players came together and won 4 consecutive victories, but the entire team, from veteran Kim Hae-ran and Kim Yeon-kyung to rookie Kim Da-eun, is complaining of extreme mental stress. Kim Yeon-kyung, who was healthy, even missed the season for the first time in the aftermath of enteritis. Here, even acting Kim Dae-kyung said, “There are many victims in the club. Heungkuk Life Insurance’s incompetent administration was criticized, saying, “Everyone has pain in their hearts.”

Coach Daekyung Kim was the third coach following head coach Soonchan Kwon and head coach Youngsoo Lee. Now is the time to build up his field experience as a coach. Of course, he retired at an early age and took over as a leader from the 2013-2014 season, but he is only 36 years old, one year older than Kim Yeon-kyung. However, due to the administration of Abi Gyu-hwan, Heungkuk Life Insurance will for the time being lead the team with acting manager Kim Dae-kyung, born in 1987, and coach Choi Ji-wan, born in 1992. As a result of knocking out the second-place coach, not only the players but also the coaching staff were forced to rebuild.  먹튀검증

It is questionable whether there will be a leader who wants to take over the directorship of Heungkuk Life Insurance in the future. Although the club promised to prevent recurrence along with acknowledging intervention in the game operation through an official apology, the trust had already fallen as soon as it fell, and even the newly appointed general manager Shin Yong-joon caused another controversy with a ‘YouTube remark’ on the first day of his appointment. In addition, the volleyball world has come to regard the Heungkuk Life Insurance coaching staff position as a reluctant position due to this incident. It is known that coach Kim Ki-joong also decided to give up the directorship due to strong dissuade from volleyball players. 

Even when I kicked out director Kwon Soon-chan, I don’t think I knew the situation would grow to this extent. Following head coach Kwon, head coach Lee Young-soo left the team, and coach Kim Ki-joong, who was praised as the right person to deal with the crisis, declined the new head coach position, saying, “The current situation, which can cause various misunderstandings, is a burden.” It is a bittersweet ending for Heungkuk Life Insurance, a “extraordinary club” who unilaterally dismissed the coach of the second-place team because it did not match the direction of the club.

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