Afreeca TV, small business distribution center and virtual BJ live commerce

A special live commerce will be held in the virtual space.

Afreeca TV announced that on the 23rd (Sun) at 1:00 pm, along with the Small and Medium Business Distribution Center, Virtual BJ will conduct live commerce selling small business product ‘Meiji Coffee’. This live commerce will be conducted with a special concept of ‘coffee shop in virtual space’ by scanning the real cafe space and making it in 3D so that you can feel the atmosphere of a classic coffee shop.

Virtual BJ will participate as the moderator. Virtual BJ’s live commerce content has the advantage of digitizing products and studios using 3D graphics and providing immersive images that cross the real and virtual worlds. They present a variety of entertainment contents such as games and music through Afreeca TV, as well as live commerce contents that introduce high-quality products to users in collaboration with advertisers. 스포츠토토

There are also plans to help those in need around them. When purchasing a product, if you enter the information of the donation foundation ‘Sharing Love Field’ in the delivery information column, the purchased item will be donated to the elderly, children, and the disabled.

This live commerce can be seen through Afreeca TV’s media commerce platform ‘Shop Freeca’ and ‘Let’s Buy Value’, a platform dedicated to small businesses operated by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups and the Small and Medium Business Distribution Center. After signing a business agreement (MOU) with the Small and Medium Business Distribution Center in February to support media commerce, Afreeca TV has been supporting small businesses △ShopFreeka stores △live commerce production and operation support △virtual live commerce planning and production.

From April 18th (Tuesday) to 20th (Thursday), small business live commerce broadcasts were conducted with BJ Jandi Min, Haksu Kim, and Yoonjoong Kim through the ‘Money Donation Business’, the content of the Small Business Hope Project. ‘Money Donation Business’ is a donation-type content in which participating BJs compete for sales in good faith during the sales period and donate 1% of the sales to public organizations in the name of the BJ with the number 1 cumulative sales.

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