A series of foreign injuries in Brazil, Lamars’ fatal left foot made the gloomy Busan laugh

Pesin collapsed. Franklin also collapsed. In the situation of Busan I-Park, it was the FC Anyang match, which took on the bad news of losing two foreign strikers. However, thanks to Lamas’ one shot, he overcame the power leak and made the victory.

Busan, where Lamas belongs, won 3-0 against Anyang in the 12th round of the Hana One Q K League 2 2023 at Anyang Sports Complex at 4:00 pm on the 7th. Busan produced victory in enemy territory thanks to Lamas in the 9th minute, Kwon Hyuk-gyu in the 27th minute, and Lee Seung-gi in the 36th minute.

Busan went into the game with a big power leak in the game that day. Pesin collapsed in the 14th minute, and Franklin complained of pain in the 26th minute. Choi Ki-yoon and Kim Chan, who would fill the positions of these two players, were waiting on the bench, but Busan coach Park Jin-seop did not like the situation in which the main players were disarmed from the beginning of the game. Regardless of the skills of Peshin and Franklin, the fact that the range of tactical operations in the future was narrowed was definitely a handicap for Busan, as they had to forcibly activate a replacement card.

Nevertheless, Busan overcame this and created a victory in enemy territory. In the first half, when Peshin and Franklin were missing in a row, they shot more shots than the opponent and did not lose out in the flow fight, and in the second half, they fought closely and looked for a chance to win. At this time, Lamas was the player who turned the tense flow of 0 toward Busan.

If you look at his scoring situation, you can see that he is a good football player. In the 9th minute of the second half, when Choi Jun, who caught the ball on the right side of the Anyang camp, passed the pass to Lamas, who was approaching the center of the arc, Lamas instantly secured the angle to launch a mid-range shot with his left foot, his specialty, with minimal touches and steps. Even though the Anyang defenders were quite inside the box, Lamars created an opening where he could hit the most sure shot with minimal movement. 안전놀이터

With Lamas’ single shot, Busan found stability and led the game cleverly. Unlike Anyang, which was somewhat rushed after conceding a goal and missed several scoring chances, Busan calmly continued its lead by striking back with counterattacks. Both Kim Chan’s goal in the 27th minute and Lee Seung-gi’s goal in the 36th minute of the second half were all scored by attacking from behind when Anyang pulled up the line. Despite very poor conditions, it was a three-goal win in enemy territory. The starting point was created by the genius of Lamars.

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