“A match break period, the ideal time for a manager change”… ‘Goodbye’ Conte

Tottenham manager Antonio Conte and Tottenham’s parting is ‘definite’.

Conte, whose contract expires this season, has been constantly rumored to break up. And Conte showed a willingness to try to finalize the breakup himself.

After a 3-3 draw with Southampton in the 28th round of the English Premier League (EPL) on the 19th, Conte openly criticized the players and the club.

“The Tottenham players are used to the current situation. They don’t want to play for something important, under pressure. They don’t want to be stressed. They want to take the easy way. What are they fighting for with this kind of mentality, attitude and dedication? Selfish. I see the players. I’m really angry.”

In addition, coach Conte indirectly criticized Chairman Daniel Levy, saying, “I had the same owner for 20 years, but why didn’t I get anything? Is it only the fault of the club or all the managers who have been here? Everyone should take responsibility together.”

Strong criticism was raised against coach Conte, saying that he was only making excuses for this remark, and some media introduced it as a statement that Conte wanted to be sacked himself.

Now Conte’s sacking is becoming a reality. Britain’s ‘Telegraph’ reported, “Chairman Daniel Levy had a conversation with coach Conte and decided to sack him. Conte is expected to be sacked within the A-match period.” 바카라사이트

As mentioned in ‘Telegraph’, it is now the A-match break. about 2 weeks Conte has headed to Italy. Tottenham’s next match will be on April 4 against Everton in the 29th round of the EPL. As predicted by the local media, there is a possibility that coach Conte will not appear in the 29th round. There was also a report that Tottenham players also wanted a scene.

In this situation, Tribal Football, a European professional football site, emphasized, “Considering that there is a break in A match, now is the ideal time for a manager change.” The time for a true farewell to manager Conte is approaching.

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