‘5vs5 Gatorade Futsal 2023’ in Pyeongtaek ends group stage, P4U FS, Sanyul FC, and Shinsung FC advance to round of 16

The 5vs5 Gatorade Futsal 2023 Pyeongtaek is now in the round of 16 tournament.

The Pyeongtaek edition of the 5vs5 Gatorade Futsal 2023 was held at The Pitch Pyeongtaek, a state-of-the-art futsal field located in Jukbaek-dong, Sosaebul-dong, Pyeongtaek-si, Gyeonggi-do, on the 8th. This is a special event of the ‘5vs5 Gatorade Futsal 2023’, the best amateur middle school futsal tournament in Korea. The ‘5vs5 Gatorade Futsal 2023’ tournament concluded with the National Championship on May 20th after intense qualifying rounds. Held to commemorate the opening of ‘The Pyeongtaek Pitch’, the tournament attracted a whopping 50 teams. Last year’s H-CUP, which was recognized by middle school and adult futsal players under the name of ‘H-CUP’, shows how much demand there is for ‘5vs5 Gatorade Futsal’ among futsal players. The organizers were forced to “set” 40 teams to ensure a smooth tournament. The tournament is organized by HNS, with Gatorade as a partner. Sports Chosun is the media partner.

The teams were divided into eight groups of five, with the top one or two teams in each group earning a ticket to the round of 16. In Group A, Sanyul FC (12 points) and Segyo Middle School (3-1-1, 9 points), who won all four of their matches, qualified for the round of 16 side by side. In Group B, Toy FC (3 wins, 1 draw, 10 points) and Hwan Hee-young (2 wins, 1 draw, 7 points) qualified for the round of 16, while in Group C, Shinseong FC (4 wins, 12 points) and Goalbashing Men (3 wins, 1 draw, 9 points) advanced to the tournament. In Group D, Galilee Caris (3 W, 1 D, 10 P) and Team SG (1 W, 2 D, 1 L, 5 P), and in Group E, Mole FC (2 W, 2 D, 8 P) and Yojongdo (2 W, 1 D, 7 P) made it through the group stage. Dugolmander (3 W, 1 D, 10 P) and Hero FC (3 W, 1 D, 10 P) in Group F, Daeheung Middle School A (2 W, 2 D, 8 P) and Seongnam Middle School (2 W, 2 D, 8 P) in Group G, and P4U FS (4 W, 12 P) and Untham FC (2 W, 1 D, 7 P) in Group H made it to the Round of 16. 메이저놀이터

Toy FC-Seongnam Middle School, Shinhwa FC-Hyeongwoong FC, Galilee Charis-Yo Jong-do, Mole FC-Team SG, Dugol Mander-Goal Thumping Men, and Daeheung Middle School A-Hwan Hee-young will compete for a spot in the quarterfinals. The winner of the tournament will receive 1 million won and a trophy. The MVP will also be selected.

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