22+17=win? Hernandez Zerso’s express promise, smiling Incheon

Incheon United is considered the dark horse this season. During the off-season, through extensive power reinforcement, not only did they prepare for the first Asian Champions League (ACL) since its foundation, but their power in the league has risen to a level that can never be seen lightly.

The composition of foreign players, who account for half of the team, is also solid. In particular, expectations are high on the two foreign strikers, Hernandez (24) and Jerso (32), who have been proven in the K-League. The two also made up their minds for Incheon’s favorable performance this season. This is also well revealed in the attack point targets they put forward.

Incheon won 1-0 in the 3rd round match of Hana One Q K League 1 2023 against Jeju United held at the Incheon Soccer Stadium on the 12th. It was a valuable first win in the opening three games.

The protagonists of the victory were Hernandez and Zerso. Hernandez made a sharp pass from midfield to Jerso, who was digging into the space behind the opponent’s defense, and Jerso, who caught it, finished it calmly with a goal. Zerso scored the first goal of the season, and Hernandez scored two consecutive offensive points following the score against Hana Citizen in Daejeon last year (3-3 draw).

This is the first time the two are working together. After moving to Incheon through the transfer market last summer, Hernandez quickly filled the void left by Mugosa, who moved to Japan’s J-League with great performances, but was out of the season due to an unexpected injury. After returning from injury ahead of this season, he is continuing his momentum last year. Zerso, who showed good performance in Jeju for two years, is showing off his skills to the fullest after transferring to Incheon through the transfer market this winter.

It is true that a question mark was attached to the issue of coexistence between the two due to similarities in common, but they are quickly erasing such concerns. Hernandez, who can play as an attacking midfielder, is also good at the role of coming down from the front and scattering passes.

As both are proven resources, if synergistic effects are produced well, this season’s K-League 1 game can be greatly shaken. Hernandez and Zerso are well aware of this kind of gaze, so they set a big goal.

Hernandez said at the press conference after the game, “I made a bet with Shin Jin-ho this year. If I add 17 goals and 5 assists to 22 attack points, they will buy me the sneakers I want regardless of the price range. Conversely, if it is not achieved, I have to buy it for Shin Jin-ho,” he said. “I will try to put in as much as possible.” Zerso, whom I met in the Mixed Zone (joint coverage area), also said, “I participate in that bet as well. I just added 17 attack points, including goals and assists,” he said with a smile. mma 토토

If the two combine for 39 attack points, it is like a nightmare for the opposing defender. The only duo who created more than 39 attack points last season were Cho Kyu-seong (22) and Barrow (19) of Jeonbuk Hyundai, who jointly made 41 points. However, 17 out of 22 Cho Kyu-sung’s were posted by Gimcheon’s managing director. If the two strikers can raise close to 40 attack points, they can try to win. Regarding this, Zerso said, “If it becomes like a horse, I think we are in the right to win.” “Of course, I know it is difficult. I am still trying to make it. We have a lot of good players on our team, so we have a lot of opportunities.” The declaration of war by Hernandez and Zerso is expected to make K League 1 defenders very nervous this season.

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