1999 Barça seniors and juniors → 2016 manager and coach → 2023 championship competition ’24 years relationship’

One day in July 1999, a pre-season friendly match between Hertha Berlin and Barcelona was held in Berlin, Germany.

In the match, which Barcelona lost 2-1, the then 21-year-old midfielder stepped on the ground as a dream player for Barça’s first team. He was replaced with the main MF as a substitute in the second half, and he will never forget this day.

“A dream come true. Watching myself playing with Figo and Kluivert made me think that this might not be me.”

These were the impressions of Mikel Arteta’s first game in the Barcelona first team, which is now moving step by step towards winning the English Premier League (he has not made his Barcelona debut in the regular league since).

But at this time, Barça’s main MF is Pep Guardiola. Arteta stepped onto the ground as a substitute for Guardiola.

Arteta still remembers his first meeting with Guardiola. That’s because he was the main midfielder for Barcelona at the time. He said that he had no way to confirm because the mirror had no video at the time, but Arteta remembered the situation vividly.

After the first meeting between 21-year-old Arteta and 28-year-old Pep Guardiola, the relationship between the two continued. Sometimes as seniors and juniors, sometimes as directors and coaches, and now as enemy generals, it is a hot topic because they have been in a relationship for 24 years.

However, they have never been active on the same team anymore as players. However, the two are said to have kept in touch with each other.

And in 2012, when Guardiola was manager of Barça. Guardiola contacted Arteta, who plays for Arsenal, to get information about Chelsea ahead of the match against Chelsea.

Impressed by the accuracy of the information he received from Arteta, Guardiola promised, “If I manage the English team, I will take him as a coach.”

In 2015, Arsenal and Bayern Munich met in the Champions League. The manager of Munich at the time was Guardiola. In this way, the relationship continued.

After this season, Arteta ended his playing career at Arsenal in 2015.

Coincidentally, Guardiola left Munich in 2016 to take over as Manchester City manager. He recruited Arteta as the head coach without hesitation, and now has a relationship with the manager and coach.

During the 2019-20 Premier League season, Arsenal sacked manager Unai Emery and pursued the signing of Arteta. Guardiola let him go. Arteta became the manager of his parents, Arsenal. 메이저놀이터

Finally, this season the two are fighting for the Premier League title. As of the 10th, Arsenal are in first place with 6 points ahead of Manchester City. Manchester City played one game less than Arsenal, so a come-from-behind win was possible.

Guardiola and Arteta, who have been in a relationship for 24 years. The two will have a one-of-a-kind confrontation at Man City’s home stadium on the 27th. The winner of this match is expected to win the Premier League this season.

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